How to be 100% sure Google Ads will work - before you sign contract.

You must not sign up to a long-term Google Ads contract before you know these three things:

  1. How many sales enquiries you're likely to get every month.
  2. How much enquiries cost to generate.
  3. How much you should budget for Google’s charges.

Google can't tell you if Google Ads is a good fit for your business. And, many many agencies want to lock you into expensive long-term contracts before you're sure that you'll make sales from Google Ads.

We think that's reckless so we have a different approach....

Low-risk testing.

A pilot Google Ads campaign is a low-risk way of testing Google Ads. It'll give you the solid data you need to make the right decision about using Google Ads for your business.

By the end of the pilot campaign you’ll know exactly:

  • how much each enquiry cost;
  • how many enquiries you can expect;
  • and how well the enquiries fit your business.

The pilot campaign consists of:

  1. Research to determine how people in your target market use Google to search for what you sell.
  2. Adverts to be shown to those people when they use Google to search for what you sell.
  3. A specialist lead generation website designed to encourage those people to fill in an enquiry form.
  4. A lead delivery engine to send those enquiries to you and your team by email and SMS text message.
  5. Monitoring and intervention to ensure that pilot campaign performs as expected.
  6. Analysis of the campaign performance to give you the solid data you need to decide on whether Google Ads is a good fit for your business.

How much does a pilot campaign cost?

The budget for the pilot campaign covers the cost of building and running the pilot campaign and Google’s charges during the pilot.

1. Building and running the pilot campaign costs $950. It is payable to MarketingMotor by credit card. This covers:

  • Keyword research to identify phrases that people in your market use to search Google when they want to buy what you sell.
  • Writing adverts to show on Google in response to those searches.
  • Assembling the phrases, adverts and other information into a Google Google Ads PPC campaign.
  • Registering a domain for the lead generation website.
  • Building the lead generation website.
  • Hosting the lead generation website for the duration of the pilot.
  • Delivering enquiries to you by email and SMS text message.
  • Managing the advertising campaign for the duration of the pilot.

2. Google will charge you every time someone clicks on one of your adverts. Nobody can tell you exactly how many people will click on your advert or what the cost of any given click will be. It’s one of the things the pilot campaign is designed to learn.

Google allows us to cap your spending so they never charge you more than you've budgeted. We’ll suggest a budget for Google’s costs but you'll always have the final say on how much you spend.

We will walk you through the process of giving Google your card details at the appropriate time.

Contact us if you're ready to get started.

How long does the pilot last?

The pilot needs to run for long enough to gather enough data to make a sound decision about whether Google Ads is a good fit for your business.

In most cases we can be confident after about a month. It’ll take longer if your market is small or if there are only a few people searching Google for what you sell.

Will I make sales during the pilot?

You might. Many of our clients do, but they usually make more sales after they've been using Google Ads for a few months. Two reasons:

  • Enquiries during the pilot may turn into sales after the pilot has ended. Common when your industry usually has a long sales cycle.
  • It may take time to tune the selling process if you don't have much practice selling to website enquiries. Selling to website enquiries needs a different approach to selling to word of mouth referrals or walk in customers.

It’s important to remember that we're running a pilot to test advertising, not sales. Evaluating Google Ads on your closing rate during the pilot can be misleading.

  • If every enquiry turned into a sale - but the value of those sales was less than the cost of generating the enquiries - Google Ads would be a poor fit.
  • If Google Ads sent you a steady stream of people who wanted what you sell, but you made no sales, we’ve got a sales problem, not an advertising problem. It would be wrong to reject Google Ads because the sales process needs attention.

What happens after the pilot?

At the end of the pilot you’ll know if Google Ads is a good fit for your business.

  • If it’s not, you’ve saved time and money you would have wasted in the future.
  • If it is you’ve proved a reliable source of new sales enquiries and you've got a running Google Ads campaign that'll be the foundation for your future efforts.

Either is a valuable outcome.

If you want to carry on using Google Ads we’d be happy to help, but you are under no obligation to use our services after the pilot.

But, if you'd prefer to shop around, don’t pick a firm that does everything: web design, PPC, SEO, Bing, Facebook etc. Google Ads requires very different skills to web design or social media. Sales enquiries are the lifeblood of your business. You can’t risk that in the hands of a jack of all trades.

Why do you use a lead generation website instead of my normal business website?

Your regular business website has a tough job. It’s got to do lots of things for lots of different people.

  • It represents your business online with your branding and logo.
  • It lists the services your business offers.
  • It tells people where your offices are - maybe with a map and phone numbers and opening hours.
  • It profiles the people behind the business - the about us page.
  • An existing customer might use it to download instruction manuals or ask for help or support.
  • A potential customer or supplier might use it to make sure you’re legit.

It’s a bit like a Swiss Army knife. A Swiss Army knife is great to take hiking but you don't want to see one in your surgeon's hand. Specialist tools always do a better job.

A specialist lead generation website does one job: get your future customers to fill in the enquiry form so you can start talking to them. It's a scalpel, not a Swiss Army knife.

We’ve invested more than 10 000 hours honing our lead generation site builder. Our specialist lead generation sites generate far more leads than regular websites without even breaking a sweat.

Got questions?