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Welding equipment sales leads.

Good day.
I am urgently seeking quotes on the following machine. As you can see, the quote must be for 48 of these machines. Please include a catalogue with your quote.

Spot welding machine "Floor type 15,000 watts and with 3- phase Approximate:
-High output-27 KVA maximum power providing the capability to weld up to 3 + 3mm mild steel sheet.
-Production duty air-cooled transformer
– 15 KVA of consistent power at 50% duty cycle. Input voltage at 50HZ 400. Fuse rating AMPS 45.
- With operational and maintenance manual written in English" Pcs 48

Quote required for welding wire

We wish to replace 6 of our Sciaky PA40 KVA machines and would like a competitive price.

We are looking for a supplier for all our welding consumables
like hose oxygen and acetylene, multi regulators oxy and ace welding lugs nozzles welding curtains

Spares for Lincoln Welding Machine (Brushes)

Please can you quote me your best price for resell on 300 welding caps. and if possible can you please send me a picture of the cap. thanks

Looking for auto darkening helmets

Looking for S/S steel welding equipment for small welding jobs.

Looking to purchase a butt welding machine for HDPE pipe - size 63mm to 250mm.
Price required urgently Please

Looking for ER100S-G 1.2mm Welding Wire AWS A5.28/ASME SFA-5.28 ER 100S-G

M8 X 40 Mildsteel Weld stud Require 2100 pcs

I want a 200 amp inverter welder 60% duty cycle.\
prefer the matweld or thermadyn/thermamax

Looking to source 2 butt welding machines - 1 x 380v the other weld wire rod with a diameter range of 5mm to 16mm dia. Please contact and i can give full technical specs

*Welding Gloves-short, large
*Welding curtain PVC 6x1.5m

Please give a quote for 200amp AC/DC tig welder and accesories

We would like to get quotations on afforable argon welders?

Looking for a bore welding machine 50m/m dia to 500m/m dia

need 5 off 200amp 220volt inverters

I'm after a leather apron, gas welding goggles and a welding helmet.

Dear all,
Kindly give us the quote for the following item and please advise stock availability, volumetric weight and freight charge to [redacted].


Morning please can you quote me on the following we are interested in purchasing. Thanks

8 x 200is inverter welding machines lincoln or other good make
2 x Robin Subaru 13.5 EH41 200amp welding generators
200kg 3.2mm 7018 welding rods lincoln or other very good make
150kg 3.2mm 6013 welding rods lincoln or other very good make
Please also include other welding consumables, like nozzles, clamps, wire etc

Tel: (+267) 72115283

Fax: (+267) 2406268


Skype: james_paynter

Do you supply DC projection welding machines. If so I need a quote on a DC welder with the same rating as a 50KVA AC welder

Looking for prices on a Lincoln V350 Pro + Wire Feeder L/F 72

Price for 200Amp AC/DC TIG welding machine.

Looking for Co2 welding machine 200 Amp

We are looking for a Butt-welder. Please forward relavant information to above e-mail address.

Requirements - 6mm s/s 304 and 316 wire, and anneal wire after welding.

I am looking for a Mig welder for DIY fabrication at home. please quote on options that include Flux core mig welders

I am looking for an alternative source, to purchase the following welding wire.
ER80S-B2 (1.25%Cr 0.5%Mo)
ER70S-A1 (0.5%Mo)

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