How much is one used caravan sales lead worth?

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Below is a small sample of the used caravan sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These used caravan sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the used caravan field.

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Used caravan sales leads.

Looking for Caravan that 4 people can sleep in, year model not older than 2004.

Looking to buy a caravan

We are looking for a caravan to buy. It must be empty, we will put 2 to 3 tables for our staff when they are on lunch. Please phone me.

I want a small caravan as I have a 1.6 V.W. Polo.

hi im looking for a 1970s caravan that someone has perhaps traded in on a new one, one that preferably needs work for a low price, i am looking to make use of it for scout camps for a first aid room /camp equipment store and for transporting foodstufs to camps
if you can help please contact me
many thanks

We are looking for a good used caravan to buy for not more than [redacted].

I am looking for a second hand caravan, i will be using it max twice a year.

I need a good but not expensive caravan , if it can have 2 beds i will be happy

6 Bed, Aircon, Shower

I am looking for an airstream caravan for sale.

Looking for a cheap caravan. Will be used as a bedroom for a domestic worker. Will revamp it ourselves!

Prices and specs on a Jurgens Exclusive Caravan.

After an inexpensive caravan, sleep 4 with tent.

Looking for a 5 berth caravan in good condition.

We are looking for a caravan which is set up to cook and sell food from. We would also consider a cheaper option for one which we could convert into a caravan with a kitchen.

I need a 2nd caravan 3 to 4 bed good condition.

I'm looking for a good deal on a caravan as soon as possible.

i want to buy used caravan at affordable price but with a double bed and a full tent

I'm looking for a cheap caravan to buy to open a tuck shop in thank you

I am looking for a off road caravan, for example, Trailvan, or Conqueror Companion. Second hand - ± 2-3 years old.

I want a second hand caravan.

Caravan for camping.

I am new in the market for a caravan. Looking for at least a 3 berth. Trying not to go for something older than 1990.

Looking for a caravan priced around [redacted].


Fold Up Caravan wanted

Looking for a caravan in working good clean condition to buy. Will need to buy through a place that can arrange finance.

I am looking for a small caravan with a full tent. I can pay cash. Must be in good condition.

I need a caravan urgently.

I am looking for a second hand caravan that is small but very good condition for a bargain.

Looking for a second hand caravan, in great condition.

Looking for a caravan with toilet & shower eg Sprite Surfer Deluxe for good price and in good condition

i am looking at a 6 sleeper 2nd hand caravan

Neat, small (4 sleeper) caravan with side tent.

Jurgens penta or Gypsy Regal with add a room.

Looking for good family caravan

Looking for a new or good condition second hand Scotty Caravan Trailer or similar.

i would like to buy a caravan that i can turn into a kitchen

Looking for a Sprite Strada D 1997 on.
Thank you.

I am looking to purchase an off road caravan

Looking for a 2 nd hand 4x4 caravan

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