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Below is a small sample of the psychometric testing sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

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Psychometric testing sales leads.

Verbal and numeracy tests

Would like a personal psychometric assessment for myself.

We are interested in sourcing pre-employment testing that will measure a candidates fit to the core competencies identified for the vacancy. We would prefer to have such tests made specific to our industry and needs and to retain "ownership" of these. I look forward to hearing from your company.


I want to go for a Aptitude test so that I can get an understanding of what career path to follow!


I'm looking for the SIPT test that Occupational Therapist use in evaluations for sensory processing

I need aptitude test for security officers general

I am looking for IT aptitude tests.

Career aptitude tests for our gap year students aged 18 - 24.

I am a clinical pscyhologist in private practice, and i am looking for a well researched, dense assement that i can use to assess stress levels. The intention is to use the assessment in a corporate traning module. I have been approached by an individual who does training for managers and executives. They would like me to assess the staff's stress levels prior and post training. I would also like the assessment to flag any clinical disorders related to stress, i.e. depression, anxiety, panic attacks. I would really appreciate any assistance as i mainly work in a clinical environment.


We are a correspondence college. We are looking to partner with someone who can provide us with a basic career test for our prospective students.

We are an IT company looking to test various candidates who would like to further their careers in more specialized fields and we would like to know their potential.

We are interested in having some aptitudes tests done in our office.

Please advise if you offer this service.

Thank you

I am a registered psychologist, looking for an appropriate aptitude test to purchase and apply in my area.

I need somebody professional to do a aptitude test for my son Andre (22), we living in [redacted]. Hear from you soon.

Magda (mom)

I run a recruitment agency and would be interested in PPA's for my candidates. Most of them are exorbitant in cost but i am looking to add a service for my clients - possibly you could help here

We are doing Dover tests, we need a qualified administrator.

Career aptitude test

An aptitude test concerning logical reasoning, numeracy , literacy, english and arithmetic.

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