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Picture frame sales leads.

We are urgently for a supplier where we can buy 110 plastic picture frames at a reasonable price. Thanks

I am looking for A3 size frames.

im just looking for 100 cheap simple frames for a a1 poster to give to our clients. color just plain black! :D


hi there.

I am looking for photo frames for my wedding reception.

Doesn't need to be big frames at all. About 10cmX10cm.

I am looking for something that looks a bit vintage.

Colours: White, Silver.

Let me know if you are able to help.

Thanks so much

I require 100 frames to take pictures 510mm x 610mm without glass and a substantial backing board to take the canvas.

I am looking for gold certificate frames, quantity is 100.

I am looking for small silver photo frames 160 of them.

50 a4 certificate frames

86 x A4 Silver frames + Cert
56 x A4 Gold frames + Cert

I need a quote on A3 aluminium frames per unit.

I am looking for 50 -100 perspex framless wall mounted photo frames. A4,A3 and A5 and some sqaure ones.

Please quote us on the certificate frames A4 and A3 The A3 must have the dividing board inside to suit an A4 certificate.

Please send me a quote on making 45 A4 Certificate frames. time frame - 5 wood frames.

I am looking to buy plain black A4 or A5 frames to be laced on a wall. Between 50 to 100. Any suggestions?

Could you plz send me prices on A4 frames 500 - 1000. Preferably black in color

looking for silver photo frames, for 4X6 photo, looking for 74 frames that i want to use as gifts at my wedding.

I'm trying to source square diamante photo frames for one of my clients. I only need about 12. I would appreciate it if catalogues and pricelists could be emailed to me.

I am looking for reasonable frames for certificates. We need to place an order for about 80 in total.

Thank you


My company gives out about 10 - 30 "employee of the month" awards each month. I require cheap frames to placde their certificates in.

We are looking for A4 and A1 sized frames

I need 57 photo frames. I am interested in wooden frames. Something organic or handmade that I could brand with my company logo. If you could urgently send me a couple of images with prices incl. Thanks, Michelle

I need x 16 A3 corporate frames. Please give me a quote

looking for 45 A4 picture frames

I am looking for ready made frames (dark wood), with moulding if it can, to frame paintings. Frames to be at least 400mm wide.


I am looking for prices on framing A3 and A4 photos on a regular basis.

To whom it may concern
I am looking to purchase about 50 poster sized frames.
I look forward to hearing from you.

I'm looking for A4 Certificate Frames for schools.

Please could you give me a quotation for 33 A4 Certificate frames.

I am looking to source over 20+ A4/A3 frames for certificates to be used as art direction for a tv series.

Please give me a call, i need to process this order urgently.

We require 260 gold A4 certficate frames. Please supply a quotation

Good Day

I would like to order wooden photo frames, size of a normal photo, i also want to find out if you can write a personalised message on the frame. I need plus minus 50. Thank you

I need 10 x A4 certificate frames, possibly a floating certificate, but would appreciate ideas. I would need delivery next week.

We are looking for 3000 wooden photo frames with high gloss gold/burgundy colour

Hi. i am looking for a price on 1000 A1 Wooden frames. i need the cheapest one that you have.

I am looking for 80 black cardboard picture frames.

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