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Diamond sales leads.

I am looking for a 0.50ct diamond, G, VS2 or SI1 with a GIA certificate.

Please quote me on a diamond: round brilliant, 1.08, N, S1.
Thank you

Please tell me whether you sell baguette diamonds as well and provide me with a list of different sizes and lengths you also looking for a 1.9 to 2.5 carat round brilliant cut diamond at the best possible price as we intend making up a new engagement and wedding set for our 20th anniversary.could you also tell me the difference between emerald and baguette cut diamonds

Looking for a 2 to 3 ct Black diamond. Must be a cushion cut

Carat: 0.5-1.0
Colour: D -J
Clarity: Lowest acceptable VS1/VS2
Cut: Round
Setting to be platinum

I am looking for x2 diamonds.

Color - G-J
Cut brilliant Cut round EXCELLENT
Clarity VVS2 or VS1
carat - as big as possible more than 80 points.

Hi i am looking for a 1 carat heart shape diamond. colour h-j. clarity vvs2- vs2

Princess cut, h-k, Si1- Si2

I am looking to buy a diamond with the following details:

- Cut: Cushion
- Carat: 1.00 to 1.5
- Colour: Between G J
- Clarity: Between VS1 SI2

The stone must not be too shallow, or too deep.

Wanting a chocolate diamond
Urgent as I get married in a week an 2nd ring is a surprise

Cushion Cut Diamond
Colour F-J

i am looking for a black diamond. 3-4 ct squire ore round. 9 to 9 mm

Good day.

Im looking for a loose diamond between 1.5 to 2.0 carrots for an engagement ring. Ideally with yellow to champagne in colour. I already have the ring so just the loose diamond is necessary.


I am looking for a diamond that is about 0.5 carats, SI1 in clarity and the colour between G-J please.
Could you please send me some quotes with these or similar specs.

Round cut 1-2 carats

I need a round shape and very clear in colour D E F

Hi I am looking for a Princess cut diamond, - .90 to 1ct. SI1 or 2. Could you please give me a price? Thank you.

I m looking for a 10 pointer , round brilliant. Vs1. J-k. Price please

.75 carat. ghi clarity s1 inclusion is acceptable

I am looking for 8 x 0. 5pink diamonds. How much will it cost - if you can find some.

Looking for a Blue diamond

Good day,

Please assist with a quotation for diamonds
1. Princess Cut Diamond : 0.11 to 0.3 Carat
2. Round diamond: 0.09 to 0.11 Carat ( 10 Small diamonds)

thank you

Quatation for a 1.1644cts diamond. Colour P. Clarity P1. Very Urgent, please. Please sent me the SA nr aswell.

I am making a ring that needs 60 x 0.06 carats can U help?
Vs2 colour g-h brilliant cut

i am looking for a 0.50ct round cut diamond between N - Z color and VS1- S12 clarity.
Thank you,

Good day,

Could you please be so kind to provide me a price list for your available diamonds with the following specs:
Cut: Brilliant round cut
Carat: 0.78 to 0.9ct
Colour: E to F
Clarity: VVS2 or VS1

I would like to have a wedding band(eternity ring) made with pink diamonds around. Please advise as to costs of pink diamonds.

Hi. I am retiring soon and would like to buy a loose diamond, approximately 1.25ct Cusion/Radiant/Oval cut diamond, VS2 - SI, colour L-M. I would like to have it set in a halo setting with 8 x 0.09ct small stones and a few stones down the shank to make a total of 2 carats. Could you give me an indication of what you would charge for these stones, so that I can decide if it is feasible to do this? Also, are the 9 pointers too big for the centre stone?

hello im looking for a 1 carret diamond h clarity
thanks theo

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