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Cyclone separator sales leads.


Please could I have a quotation for a Cyclone Separator with Dust Collector with the following specifications

· Filter Housing: Aluminum die cast
· Timer Drain: Brass
· Sealings: Viton/NBR
Operating Conditions
· Maximum Operating: Pressure 232 psi
· Test pressure: 332 psi
· Continuous operating: Temperature 34 oF to 149
· Six different size with a flowrange from 70 to 647
scufm at 100 psig. And should conform to
European directive 97/23/EG for pressure Vessels.
Retention Rate Related to 116 psia
· 5 micron 99%
· 10 micron 100%

I require a cyclone design and would like to get a quote. Could you please get in contact so that I could send you the details.

We're currently building an R&D department at our facility in [redacted]. As part of the facility is a small workshop where we plan to do jobs that create dust such as grinding and sanding. The size of the this area is 3 sq meters. We are not in an industrial area, so extractor fans and ducting are unfavourable.

Need a price on a Cyclone Dust Collector 3 200cFm.

Looking for a dust collector.

I need pricing on cyclone dust seperators

I need a dust collection system and extractor fan for a sand blasting room.

I am looking for a cyclone dust collector, please contact me if you can help so that I can send the specs on what I require.


I am looking for a way to extract Baking Soda that was blasted under high pressure out of a room.

We manufacture jellies and marshmallows by depositing in starch powder. Messy business and need a few dust collectors.

Hi, I need a dust colector with more or les these specs
200v-240v(monophase),50/60Hz,150W,2.3A,3.3m3/min,1.4kPa,14.5kg,260x275x337size,54-67dB with a articulated arm suction 50 mm in diameter,table attachment,antistatic hose 2m,and hose clamp or similar

I need to replace an existing dust collector cyclone that is being used to collect dust from a shot blasting facility. Current unit was not well designed and spews out large quantity of dust, unacceptable to neighbours!

Good day

We require a quote on:

A system for dust extraction over a 100m3 area, where machines in a mine concentrator generate dust.The system should be able to suction the air and discard the dust outside.

Picture illustrations on your recommended system and how it operates, as well as the price including delivery and installation in [redacted] would be greatly appreciated.

We need help with fine high temp dust collection.

Looking for prices, also motor and impeller cost, thanks

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