How much is one communion tray sales lead worth?

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Communion tray sales leads.

I have a Christian Book and Gift store. Could you kindly send me a brochure on all the communion cups you have in stock.

I would like the price lists of the holy communion cups and trays, and as well as different types. i would preferably like to get 400 cups or 500 cups thank you.

Silver plated communion trays and (glass) cups to add to existing stock.

We are looking for wooden communion trays as well as stainless steel and perspex. Please give us a call to go over your catalogue and prices. Thank you very much. When you call just ask for Belinda.

Looking for trays to serve communion and also glasses for these trays.
Also interrested in filling machine.

Need prices on plastic communion cups and communion trays (40)

I need holy communion glasses and tray.

Can you please tell me how much is 100 plastic communion glasses and 1 tray.

We are looking to buy communion trays that could hold up to 2500 cups.

Need communion trays and cups including wafers. Wants to know their prices.

i need communion glasses

Need some small communion glasses and bread tray.
+/- 200 cups, about 6 trays

I need wholesale prices on disposable communion cups and trays please.

Hi There,

I'm looking for 100 communion cups for our church.

many regards

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