How much is one breathalyser sales lead worth?

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Below is a small sample of the breathalyser sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These breathalyser sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the breathalyser field.

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Breathalyser sales leads.

Can you please supply us with info about a small/ cheap but fairly accurate breathalyzer?

Want best price on digital breathalyzer tester and cost on pipes, including information on calibration intervals and costs.

I am looking for a breathalyser to test staff for alcohol consumption

Need portable breathalyzer (alcohol level) without a mouthpiece

We require 2 breathalyzer kits to be used in our drug and alcohol policy in our company.

Please supply quotes.

I am looking at cheap and effective disposable breathalyzers. I need at least 100 or as an alternative a digital breathalyzer with disposable mouth pieces. I do need them urgently so pleas respond asap. I am in [redacted].

Please provide me with quotations for a breathalyser - both a reusable machine as well as disposable units.
Thank you

I am looking for a breathalyzer that we as a Company can use to test employees suspecting of being under the influence of alcohol.
The breathylizer must come with a certificate that enables us to show in the event of a labour case.

We are a transport company trying to find the best breathalyzer that can work for us.

Need quotes and brochure/literature on breathalyzers as well as manuals of breathalyzers and if possible a demonstration and legislation regarding the legal alcohol limit for [large government institution].


We are a hire and sal company and with construction on the side that works on mine. We need this to test our people every morning before they must go onto mine's

i need a machine for a company in breathalyser please provide pricing and specs on what you have. Its for approx 200 staff.

Require a suitable testing instrument to use on a construction project for quick testing

We need a alcoholbreathtester to use on gaurds and armed response. Thank You

Small business need portable breathalyzer tester ( alcohol )Please advise suitable models and prices

We need a portable user-friendly instrument for company use on employees suspected of being under the influence of liqour.

I need a breathelyser to test 250 people everyday which a person can blow over without using a mouth piece. Please send a quote and specifications

We are looking for a breathalyzer tester for our staff compliment of 33 people.

I want a breathalyzer that is not so exspensive to test my employees every morning. We are about 15 people

Looking for a DRAGER 6510 alcohol breath tester supplier and price.
Thanks Charles

I am looking for disposable breathalyzer test, our work force is 1000 plus.

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