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Catering sales leads.

Wedding between 11h00 to 15h00. finger snacks ie sausage rolls, meat balls etc. 30-40 people.

thank you

I would like to know what you charge per head for weddings

Good Day.

I’m an architecture student at [redacted] In September this year, we will be hosting the annual Architecture Student Congress, in conjunction with AZA Biennial Conference for Professional Architects. We will be expected to cater for and house 500 students.

I'm looking for a catering company that will be willing to cater the event over the 13 to 18 Sept.

Please contact me via the provided email address, and I can provide specifics as to what we are wanting.

eagerly awaiting your reply, thanks.


I'm looking for caterers for my wedding in December was wondering what you offer and the cost please?

Our company will be hosting a launch in the [redacted] area on the 11th April. The catering will consist of a breakfast (20 pax) and a VIP brunch (100 pax). The breakfast will consist of the teas, coffee, juices, water, muffins, muesli, fruit salad & yoghurt. We not really sure what our VIP brunch should consist of (finger snacks) and would like your input (menu) in regards to this matter.

I thank you kindly, and hoping that you will be able to assist the company with this matter.

Should you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I am having a breakfast wedding on th 7 July. I need a caterer to do a buffet english breakfast as well as only the display of the buffet area.

I have a funeral to cater for on Friday at 13:30.
For 100 people.
Please advise what all u can provide food, cake, teas and cofee wise?

i need catering that will deliver at the studio once a week for thirteen weeks, the catering its for tv crew members +-14 people per week. out of the 14 members, 1 of them is a vegetarian and i would like to know what kind of meals do u offer?

I would like two sushi platters each of about 30-40 pieces for Sunday 15 April. Looking for affordability. Many thanks

My mom's 60th to be held at her home 6 May +/- 40 guests.


Im speaking on behalf of [redacted] We are having our annual formal on the 4th of May. we are looking at either having a three or two course meal for about 60-80 people.

Can you please suggest a menu for us and then supply us with a quote.

Mother-in laws 60th. Evening meal for abt 24 guests at home. Limited budget, limited catering facilities, on-site clean up required.

Its a 80th birthday function, simple catering at a reasonable price.

Hi, i'm looking for a catering company / person who can supply platters for our wedding. We are looking for all different types of platter including sushi. I would like to view the platter menus and prices too. Thanks, Kind Regards, Andrew

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