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Eczema sales leads.



hi my boy has a very severe eczema on his skin especially the legs,its been two years now, no change i have been taking him to hospital for treatment, but still no change, please help my boy...

I would like a product that will control or cure the eczema, as i have had this since childhood.It is on my joints as well as on my face and have dark areas on my face due to rpoducts sold on the market.
thank you.

I am a 48 year old male and have been living with eczema for +-20 years now.
I have this unbearable itching of the skin inside both my ears and left forefinger. I have been using Advantan cream for all these years,which gives me some relief but does not completely cure the disease.
I am appealing for your help please.

I want to know what is the cause, how to treat it,how long it takes to be treated. My baby is 4 months.

My baby boy is 1 year 6 months and he has this all over his body.

My fiance suffers a great deal from eczema, very itchy and bad skin irritation

Ive tried all sorts of eczema treatment and im not winning. Please advise me on the best natural treatment i can get to cure this horrible skin problem

do you have anything to get rid of eczema totally. especially between boobies & back of neck and chest and face.

thank you

i suffer from eczema on my legs, my skin is very itchy, oozing and when the oozing dries out my legs would be covered in a yellowish/gold crust, i am currently not using soap on my legs, i use Epimax cream to wash and to apply but this is not helping at all. i need help as this is getting worse,

I have been using Persivate for the last 20 years for my eczema. I would like to change to something without cortizone. I have tried otc ointments before without results. I have also tried the so-called miracle cream, but also no result. Please advise, as I am desperate for solution.

I am looking for a cream for eczema that works with little or NO steroids.

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