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Data logger sales leads.

We need a temperature data logger that can measure the temperature profile inside a conveyer oven (100Deg C) with a size / gap of 50mm high. Width is not a constraint.

I wish to record the temperature of my cargo on a voyage . It travels in a timber crate, lined with 50mm sages and in a barrier foil bag .
rgds Owen

Good day, i'm interested in your temperature and humidity loggers, is it possible to send me brochures and a pricelist please. It would be for outdoor use.

I am looking for a data logger that can measure up to -80 degrees Celsius. Could you please send a quotation.

Looking for a high temp (1100oC) compact data logger.

I am looking for a Data logger for temperature monitoring for a retention sample room of Pharmaceutical Products

I would like information and quotations on the most economical product/s for logging the of temperature of a room. The data must be retrievable/downloadable.
Thank you

Please send us a quote on the •4 to 20 mAmps to measure power flow etc sensor dependent

Hi. We have 4 Aquaculture dams with experimental crops. We need to keep record of the water temp, pH, etc very closely, but manual record keeping has been proven to be less efficient. Can this data logger manage 4 inputs at least and what other probes can it accommodate? And, what will it all cost.
Best regards

hi - we are a courier company that moves temperature controlled shipments on dry ice and gel packs, and we need a local supplier for data loggers- like the sensitech temptale4 , if possible? We have an urgent need for one asap, plse advise pricing and what you stock? thanks & regards

Looking for 2 x EL-USB-5 data loggers please. Price and availability

Hi there

I am looking for a USB Device
that can monitor Temperature from
7 different components in CNC Machine

the probe can be just attached to the component and run back to the USB Device , connected to a PC .

from the PC I need to be able to view the temperatures
marked accordingly on the program

Will you be able to assist ?


I would like some information regarding your Temperature data loggers for pharmaceutical use (cold chain monitoring). What products do you have and what are the prices? are there minimum ordering quantities?

i am looking for a Data Logger that i can use in the Autoclave and immediately download the cycle . The Autoclave reaches the maximum temperature of 124 degree celsius under pressure.

Looking for logger to log 12 x 4-20mA signals and link to our data centre via GPRS - data must by 30-minute time-stamp

I consult to Pharmaceutical companies (Temperature and humidity controls) and am in the market for a 50 logger WIFI solution for one of my customers.

Is it possible to link your wifi communication system to a water level logger, for example a water level data logger that is installed in a borehole. The recorded water level data must be send via cellphone / wifi to a receiver on a laptop anywhere.

Good day,

Kindly quote for me the following items:
2)Data Logger

Looking forward for the quote.

Thank you inadvance.

I want to log temperatures 1.2m above ground and maybe another 3 below ground. 24 hour for several months.

Looking for a current data logger for a 380V motor to record the daily amps in 10sec intervals, with output to a CSV file if possible?

Please can you give us a quoate for data loggers the AZ8835, AZ8829 and AZ88355 models if you do have them. and can you also advise if you can fix the same.



needing a data logger to record temperatures in fridge / freezer. a device we can leave in the unit for up to 5 days.

I am searching for EBT-20-T1 temperature data logger. I need 100 of these units please.

Kindly quote on:
Temperature and humidity data loggers for pack house and other applications
Thank you!

I am looking for USB temperature loggers for use in fresh produce that is exported to the UK and Europe by airplane

I would like to buy a current data logger. If possible a wireless unit which I can access over internet. Can you please send me the price on a normal unit and a wireless unit, so that I can compare the two. This must be able to do 0-200 Amp. Can you also send me a spec sheet of this unit.

Thank you

Please provide me with a quote for 30 x Temperature Sensors for underwater. With a variation less than 0.5 degrees celcius

To whom it may concern

I am currently looking for a humidity logger to verify our dry cabinets.
The logger must come with calibration certificate. the unit will be calibrated once per year and will be used to verify our clients dry cabinets once a month.

Please advise on options and pricing.

Thank you,

Do you have waterproof temperature data loggers for sale? Please
Regards Ruben

Hi There, I need a logger for:

5 x temperture, 4 x 4-20mA, 2 x digital


Hi. I need a small easy to use USB temperature data logger to monitor the performance of cold rooms and refrigerators.

We need a Humidity/ Temperature data logger for our growth chambers. Temperature range: 10° - 35°C

We are looking for a 12 channel PT100 data logger to interface with a thin client on a server. O.1 degC accuracy required. No bells and whistles required - just a monitoring set up for use in our micro-biology laboratory for temperatures between 05 and 50 degC
Thank you

A device that can record and keep outside temperature data

What is the price of a data loggers to measure greenhouse climatic parameters

I need a qoutation for 7 gps data loggers ASAP

Our company transports ready-cut vegetables. We want to monitor the temperature of the produce from point a to b. Please send me more info and prices, thanks.

Looking for temperature data logger to use in an aircraft hold and inside pharma shipments during airfreight.

The need is for data loggers that can measure temperature and relative humidity on an ongoing basis.
Must be able to download data on a PC.
Application is blueberry fields - currently open but will be under shade net in future.

I need a temperature logger to place inside a batch pyrolysis kiln. Then I want to retrieve it after the burn to download the profile of temperature versus time inside the kiln. I expect the maximum temp will be 700 deg C.

I am looking for 20 pressure loggers (Supco LPT as an example).

Temperature data logger to fit inside a 1 ton refrigerated truck.
USB port to download data if needed.

Temperature record : disposalable to be used in refer container to measure temperature and humidity 14 days recording capacity. the product being exported is butter.

I am interested in a temperature data logging system to log daily temperature in water bath set at 22-25 deg and in ovens 105-110 deg.

We need a multi channel temperature data logger minimum of 4 channels Thermocouple K


Need advice / info regarding temperature and humidity data logger that i want to use in a measuring laboratory. The temperature to be maintained is 20²C and about 60% humidity. Looking if you can supply such a device and a price please.

Many Thanks

I am looking for details of temperature loggers that can be placed in our current cold storage fleet that will download the vehicles daily temperature readings whilst on delivery when the vehicle returns and enters our site via our wi-fi system or while it is on site etc.

I would appreciate any system information that you might have on the above query.

Looking for temp units with LED temp display and sensor in lead into fridge or freezer... for visual checking


We need a data logger that can monitor Temperature and Humidity . The environment is dusty. The loggers we are using clog up most of the time because the sensor is exposed and as result give inaccurate readings.

I need prices for the data loggers below:
1. DC Voltage and AC Current Data Logger
2.USB Carbon Monoxide Data Logger
3. Temperature & Humidity Data Logger
4.Smart Data Loggers
5. Data Acquisition & SCADA Data Loggers


I am looking for a data logger that can record 4 to 6 channels for DC instrumentation.

I would like to use this gadget on getting pH/temperature readings on meat at a MEAT CORPORATION.

We are interested in a 20 channel temperature data logger.
Can you please gives us specs and price on such a unit. Thanks

We need a temperature logger for our storeroom

Need a Data Logger for temperature in a warehouse that has been cooled. Maybe a system which can be monitored via WiFi on an PC.

Good Day,

I am looking for a temperature logger (single channel) with a probe that can be used to continuously measure and save the temperature of a solution. The ideal range is -15°C - 100°C.

I thank you in advance for your assistance.

Good day,
I would like to enquire about USB Temperature loggers. Are you able to provide one that may read up to 125ºC and also as low as -40ºC? Please let me know what temperature range your loggers have.

Ian looking for a temperature data logger that can read temperature versus time upto 400 degrees Celsius on an oven. Would like to monitor it wireless. Second application same as above but monitor upto 200 degrees Celsius on a oven. Both ovens do have a 4 to 20 ma output signal on there digital thermo controllers..

Looking for temperature and humidity data logger with digital indication. Range -5 to 40deg C and 20%to 110% humidity

Can you please work out for me the price for EBI 20-T1 Temperature Data Logger. I need them please

I'm looking for a motor on/off logger that comes in a IP68 enclosure.

I am looking for a portable handheld temp.logging instr.that can record 14 cold rooms and that data can be recorded onto a laptop

Please could i have a price on your temperature data loggers.

We deal with delivery of frozen and fresh foods and would like to log temperatures of the truck while on delivery.

temp logger with LAN or pc connection

We are looking for temperature & humidity Data Loggers to continually monitor the %RH and temperature. Please advise your suggestions and prices. Thank you

i am looking for a EL-USB-2 or 1 data logger. Something similar that will do the same job is also fine.

Temperature and Relative Humidity Logger for Pharmacy use to preserve medication life span

Interested in purchasing data logger for frozen product transport.

Please contact me.

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