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Pastel accounting software support sales leads.

Stock integration and general accounting support

Set up books for a bible school@church.

Processed a sales journal which was imported from an excel sheet. The batch allowed the data to be imported even though the credit notes posted had a - value ie -30000. As a result the trial balance is now out by these values ie it does not balance. Can I somehow go into the database and change these values or delete them?

When attempting to print the following error occures.
"The document you are trying to print has an incorrect page size or paper style.

My client runs the inventory manufacturing module on Pastel. They are not 100% sure how to use it. It is a vital part to their business and cant seem to get it right. We need some training and help on specific issues.

I need advice on POS please. Running POS and need the cash drawer to open when I do cash-up or money-out. Works fine with the other options, but not with these 2. What am I doing wrong?
This is a new client and my first time with POS. All the options ticked, but its not working. Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

I need backups for the payroll year end to be done and to do the BIc templates for various companies.

I am taking over a small companies books. The previous bookkeeper sent me the Pastel back up zip file. This information/database needs to be uploaded into Pastel.

Please email me the cost of Pastel Sage partner and the the cost of extra modules. Am a SME that is looking to computerise our operations in the near future and installation will be done by one of our in-house consultants. Thanks

Created Cashbook, but at entry types - as i type in 2nd cashbook, pastel gives error = cannot change to cashbook as there are transactions for this entry type, yet i have not even selected the new account? Please help!

i run pastel partner accounting for my workshop. i have a server and 1 workstation.
now i have bought myself a laptop and i need to down load pastel partner onto this machine and i also want to know if i would be able to work from home with the machine or do i have to be connected to my server?

Can not pull any reports from my Intelligence Centre. Just installed new server and Pastel is very slow now.

I need a build upgrade from Pastel Partner [redacted]


Hi our company is [redacted] and on occasion we need help with Pastel. eg at the moment we have just upgraded to Version 11 and now I can't drill down from Customer ledger to invoice. Please could you phone me to discuss. Thanks

I run on Pastel Partner [redacted]

My stock was not integrated and in the process of linking it I had some difficulty.

Please can you assist.

My small business has about 50 entries a month and my lady had some sort of problem. I bought the package from my auditor, his support is via trainee accountants - not too user friendly. What do you do and what do you charge?

I need to backup before year end but got this "runtime error 372? Please help.

I need to delete some of my codes and descriptions that do not use any more. How to do that? Kindly respond as soon as you can. Thanks.

POS module wont use Pastel partner document for invoiceing and open batch wont allow process and cash up and grn wont show

I need a pastel partner version.[redacted] for [redacted].

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