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Pumps sales leads.

I am looking for a gravel pump 100mm that can deliver +- 12m3 of sand an hour
Petrol driven engine

Looks like my pump is faulty. If i remember correctly the hole is 18 meters deep. How much to replace the pump?

2.2 - 3.7 KW submersile water pump, complete with motor.

Water pump- CST300/3,Q 250-1000,Hmgs(M)17.5,Kw2.2,Hz50,3 phase. Using a Pentax at the moment. We will take any make.

Sewerage Pump quotation, in [redacted].


I am looking to start up a petrol station but i do not have enough information about how to start a petrol station. I decided to look for one pump and tank which can carry up to 20 000 liters of petrol and see if it will help collect some more money to go further. In this area there is a opportunity for it because people have to drive 50km before they get petrol.

My partners in Zimbabwe are attempting to dewater a redundant mine. They have tried with a 185kW sump pump, which is not coping. The mine has been idle for 4 years and they are currently trying to re-establish it at the soonest time.
Details Unit Qty Unit price Sub total
1 vertical spindle/multi-stage sump pump (500m3 is the suggested capacity – if we have a larger pump available, please quote separately). Each 1
2 Vertical lift (head) Metres 1,100
3 Horizontal distance Metres 400
4 Estimated volume of water to be discharged m3 700,000
5 Discharge pipework Metres 1,500
6 Diesel generator (option) Each 1
7 Power cable (option) Metres 1,500
8 Any additional supports &/or accessories etc

I am looking for a 14 Hose power diesel pump to use on a 2Ha plot for irrigation purposes.

Looking for a small hand driven water pump to pump water to a small tank. It does not need to be high pressure.

I am looking for high pressure diesel water pump for irrigating 26 Hectares minimum 3 inch outlet.

Gorman Rupp Self-priming centrifugal type pump: Model duper T6A3S-PSABFM Wedge belt driven by an 18.5kw/4p/380V electric motor. Pump and Motors shall be mounted on a fabricated mild steel baseplate with wedge belt pulley, V-Belts and guard

Submersible pump
80mm Outlet
MAX head 16m
CAPA 600 L/Min

QTY : 2

I need pump 220vac low wattage to handle static pressure of about 4 bar and water temp of about 100 deg c. to be used only to circulate hot water in a closed circuit.

I have a client that would like to install solar borehole pumps on his farm.

Gorman Rupp self-priming centrifugal type pumps: Model super T6A3S-PSABFM wedge belt driven by an 18.5kw/4p/380v electric motor. Pumps and motors shall be mounted on a fabricated mild steel base plate with wedge belt pulleys, v-belts and guard.

I bought a house with a borehole and watering system not functioning. Perhaps needs to be reworked in terms putting in new pipes etc.

Good day,
My customer is looking for a submersible water pump with a cast iron casting and a cast iron / steel inpeller
380V with a 1 1/2" or 1 1/4" Outlet.
Current pump is a: LOWARA DOC7VXT/A but he needs something a bit more robust that can last longer.

How much is a domestic water pump? Need to pump water from a well to the household taps and geyser.

I need to empty my pool for maintenance.

need to purchase a 525 volt submersible pump.

230V 0.56kW motor and pump delivery of at least 2 m3h at 30m. I have Franklin Electric Motor Starter and Cable.

I need pumps, fuel and diesel tanks to open a filling station.

Looking for a light weight pump for pumping out water out of a french drain and swimming pool etc. its outlet is about 50mm.

I have a deep well of 30m I am looking for water pump using petrol or diesel for irrigation purposes.

I want a machine that will clean the salt from the tank but the water is from borehole because the water got salt so the salt destroys all galvanized pipes.

Hi, i am looking for a slurry pump. please contact me and i will give you the details.

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