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Cold room sales leads.

Please can you quote me on a full conversion of a 4mx4m room into a cold room, including panels and the cooling unit/s.

Looking for 2,4 x 2, 4 cold room installed.


I wish to find out the cost of the SMALLEST cold room chillers for home use - wanting to build a concrete cold room with insulation & then install the chiller unit. To use as large walk in fridge. Can you advise the cost of smallest unit & the power consumption & whether any can run off solar? Many thanks.

I need freezer (-18C) storage space for 9 pallets (containing 80-90 boxes per pallet). What will the monthly rental be of such a space?

We need to remove and reinstall a cold room 50 meters from the current position. cold room is 2.5 x 2.5. please quote urgently.

Cold room required for a pack house.
The size should be 14x20x3m high.
Required for pricing purposes for a farm in [redacted].

I have a room within a building 3mts x 1.5mts x 2.5 High. I would like to turn it into a coldroom.

Looking to buy a mobile cold room.

Approximately 6mx4m, walk-in 6 door coldroom (glass door), single delivery door, bottle store spec.

Need a cold room for an ice block business.

I would like to find out if you are doing cold rooms/freezer rooms (for restaurants). I am planning on buying a restaurant in [redacted], and need some advice on the possibility of installing a cold room or cold and freezer room combination. The space is very limited, and I'm not sure where the compressors will have to go. I need some professional advice. Is this something that you may assist me with?

I need to install a walk in fridge as well as walk-in freezer urgently. Please send me a quote for 4x3m walk-in fridge and 3x3 m walk-in freezer.

I am looking for prices and info on cold rooms, anything from +- 2x3m upwards.

Need quotes for a pharmacy cold room for a hospital.

Need a quick and easy small cold room.2x2m or 2x3m second hand or new. Thanks

Need to hire a cold room for 1 day to put drinks. How much does it cost and how does it work?

3m X 3m dual temperature cold room

Please could you supply me with a quotation for 2 cold rooms based on the specs below:
1: 2400mm x 1740mm Cold room with internal insulation of 100mm Polystyrene complete with Evaporator and Condenser unit. Ambient Temperature of 35°C; Room Temperature of 2°C; Suction Temperature of -5°C; Temperature Difference 7°C; Plant Cooling Capacity of 2.4kW; Refrigerant R404/R22 and power supply of 400V/3 Phase/ 50Hz complete with vapour proof light fitting.

2: 2400mm x 1740mm Coldroom with internal insulation of 150mm Polystyrene complete with Evaporator and Condenser unit. Ambient Temperature of 35°C; Room Temperature of -18°C; Suction Temperature of -25°C; Temperature Difference 5°C; Plant Cooling Capacity of 2.1kW; Refrigerant R404 and power supply of 400V/3 Phase/ 50Hz complete with vapour proof light fitting.

I want to acquire a mobile cool room. I request assistance about the place to buy around [redacted]. I also request the prices attached to sizes.

I need a cold room 4,8 x 7,2m x 3m high. Only the panels. delivered and assembled in [redacted].

i would need to have a quotation for a cold room or a price list


I need help with regard to build in cold rooms for a bottle store

In need of a quote for cold storage container on site for a rental period.

Would like to know hou much it can cost to get second hand cold room panels which can build a cold room of 3m by 2m.

I need an urgent quote for a cold room.

43 sqm. for mortuary with no trays

Need cold storage for hire in emergencies.

I want to build a walk in cold room. It is in our garage.
The size is 6 by 5.
Please contact me as soon as possible.

I am urgently looking for a walk in cold room unit which could be utilized for a mortuary, it would be helpful if I could get a price on a 5x5x2,4m unit.

We have two rooms sized at about 9sqm each room that we want to convert it to cold rooms at 10 degrees. We need a quotation as soon as you can.

Good day, I need a price ASAP on a cold room 2.4 x 2.4 x 24m, installation, delivery etc. must be included please.

We are getting a warehouse to supply meet in [redacted] region. The warehouse will be in [redacted]. We are looking for about 100m2 to start off with.

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