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These asset labels sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

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Asset labels sales leads.

1) Looking for metal label tags for customer to colour code products.
2) Also require metal labels with machine details and numbers imprinted for machine identification

Good day – please quote me on 1000 barcode labels that can withstand nitric acid cleaning. Want to use them as asset barcode labels on boilers which are often cleaned with nitric acid in our factories.
Range 500000 + 1000 with a logo.

We are looking for barcodes for our wine labels and need assistance is getting barcodes and advice from a specialist.

I am looking for companys that supply asset tags and the cost of the service.

We want 13.56MHZ RFID metal tags to fix to aluminium cans that will be subjected to about 100 degrees centigrade alkaline or acidic cleaning water at high pressure.

Please send me a quotation for 50000 Anodised aluminium barcodes 13 x 39 0.5mm.

Please need info on metal tags for a departmental campaign asap.

I am looking for asset tags / labels for IT equipment for a client of mine. +/- 500

We need to code our office furniture and would like to have a quote for stickers numbered from eg. A000001 with our logo on "USB-ED". Not however necessary for a barcode.

We need to compile an asset register, our assets are not coded, please help.

Small metal tags with my name and phone no and email address on. Need price please.

Can I please get a quotation of x2000 aluminium asset labels sizes: 13mmm x 0.5mm.

I am looking for aluminum asset tags for tagging rough working condition move able assets which can be printed on site as and when the need arises. Probably need aluminum tags and a printer to have the tags printed.

We are a hydraulic pipe and fittings supplier in [redacted] and require aluminum tags for various hydraulic pipes.

We have a management consultancy firm trading in the name of [redacted]. Currently we have successfully negotiated for a contract with a local sugar factory in [redacted] with TCD of 1650; with over 2500 assets.
The contracts involves creating a fixed assets register.
We are looking for a supplier of 2000+ barcodes as specified below, with ability to deliver the same within 21 days.
Aluminium Barcode13mm x 39mm x 0.5mm,four Colour (three Colour Logo and Black Barcode and Human Readable)
Kindly get back to us with the terms and conditions

We are a firm whose focus is offering fixed asset management solutions and would be interested in partnering with your firm to supply us with barcodes-aluminum size 13mm*39mm*0.5mm please provide quotes for various quantities.

Tag to place on Freezer
50mm x 20mm
Company Name
Serial Number: 120 consecutive numbers

Please can you quote me on metal tags.
Quantity : 1000
Colour : Light blue metal tags, printed on in black.
Size : 600mm x 1200mm

I am looking for a supplier of tamper proof labels in [redacted] area. Can you help me?

Looking for cheap, robust tags with unique bar-code number on each. Each tag must be clipped through a steel ring. Need a price on 10000 Tags.

My company needs metal fixed asset labels which last a long time or an equivalent alternative. May you please send us a quotation so as to enable us to make a good decision!

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