How much is one uniform sales lead worth?

Read on to see how we delivered a steady stream of uniform sales leads. Without breaking the bank.

Below is a small sample of the uniform sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These uniform sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the uniform field.

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Uniform sales leads.

I have a client who is looking for the following.
150 bottle green ties, 150 bottle green long pants with a black stripe down the leg and 150 short sleeve shirt (stone/khaki) colour with 2 pockets.

Can you please quote me on navy nursing pants & matching tops - thanks a lot.

We are a new Hotel Group and need housekeeping, management, F&B, maintenance etc uniforms with logos.
Could you please contact me if you are able to assist.

I'm working at a sub acute clinic and want to propose to the boss for both receptionists to wear a nice navy blue uniform. I'm looking for pictures and prices please.

Looking for uniforms for staff working in a retirement home in [redacted] - need options / prices and stock asap.

We are looking for British Beef-eater uniform to hire for a film shoot. Either the ceremonial uniform or the palace guard uniform.

I have a client that is looking for 40x sets of security uniform, caps and shoes. Please quote per complete set, delivery [redacted].

I am looking for medical uniforms for our Radiology Dept. in [redacted]. Our colours are white with navy trim. Thank you.

I'm want to buy 16 ladies netball uniforms. Prefer Lilac purple top with black skirts.

Hi I am looking for blazers in the following colors: dark navy, light navy bottle green, dark maroon, sky blue, dark royal blue. Please let me know if you do have so that I can place an order.

Hello. Can you please sent me a catalogue of of khaki or bush wear clothing and kitchen clothing.

We would like to have a good quality white nurses dress made of poly-cotton that is not see-through. It must have a collar, sleeves, 2 pockets and a third pocket for pens, scissors etc.Preferably with buttons and not with a zip. Please can you give us a quote.

Looking for a coffee shop staff uniforms.

Hi. I need white dust coats, white gumboots and white pvc aprons urgently. About 15 of each, sizes will be supplied. Can you help? I will collect, but I need them on [date redacted].

Our company is looking for security uniforms. Black pants, red t-shirt, black jacket and black cap.

I'm getting married on a boat and the theme is nautical. I'm looking for a pair of white shoes, long white pants, navy jacket and officers cap.Please advise where I can buy these items.

Looking for spa and salon uniforms of high quality.

Looking for pilot uniforms and accessories. Flight overalls etc.

Looking for a variety of hotel uniforms, housekeeping uniforms urgently. We have an order for 6000.

I need some pricing for security uniforms.
50 Shirt Pilot r/c s/s Dark Grey-L
50 Shirt Pilot r/c s/s Dark Grey-XL
100 Full Complicated Front Logo
100 Entry Level Back Logo
50 Trousers Full Combat Black-40
50 Trousers Full Combat Black-44
100 Belt Web Black
100 Cap Swat Black
100 Full Complicated Front Logo
100 Baton Straight Black
100 Handcuffs

We are looking for ladies corporate uniforms. A catalogue would be appreciated. Thanks

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