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Below is a small sample of the air quality monitoring sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These air quality monitoring sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

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Air quality monitoring sales leads.

We need pricing on an air quality monitoring equipment.
a. Air sampling in situ
b. Analysing samples
c. Tests on workers
"Control limit for Silica"

We have a number of call centres in the [redacted] and would like to test the air quality in the building to optimize the environment for the operators.

Hi, I am looking for air quality testing for our business offices. Please advise.

Good morning
We have a general air compressor that we are running through filters and we just want to test this air to see if it is as good as our oil-free compressed air.

Hi, I have a client in the [redacted] area that needs assistance with air monitoring. I can't find a company that can assist them in this matter.

I need someone who can do air monitoring on our stacks and confirm if we comply with the air quality act.

Are you able to offer services in respect of indoor air quality testing, in office buildings in [redacted]? We need to test for:
1. CO2 and CO level
2. Microbial contaminants
3. Airborne Particulates (dust, sand)

I require an indoor air test done

We need company to do air quality testing for one of our clients - tx, Ronel

We need air monitoring for our organisation

We need a report on the quality in our factory.

Monitoring of air quality on game farm near [redacted].

We would like to test the air quality of our building which covers 20 floors.

Portable device/patch to be used by technicians to test air quality before entering confined spaces, normally on a road

Quote for Air Monitoring Equipments.


Urgently required: Report on levels of Motor Fuel and Exhaust emission components both inside and in the immediate vicinity of a residence adjacent to a petrol filling station. Measurement to include Benzene, Ethyl-Benzene, Toluene, Xylene,and other relevant VOCs/Hydrocarbons as well as combustion end products/exhaust emissions and combinations thereof such as carbon monoxide, ozone,manganese, particulate matter PM10 and 2.5 etc...
Are you equipped for this type of operation - at this point limited to one instance, but with the possibility of expanding to class action level?

We want to have a air quality specialists to test the quality of air in our building

Hi please quote on the required services with reports etc. complete for my client in [redacted]. in excess of 200 000 m2

I am looking for the necessary abatement equipment to install with a 7 MT aluminium remelting gas fired furnace.

Our diesel trucks are omitting a lot of fumes in the garage area and we need an independant institution to indicate whether carbon monoxide levels are too high

I need a air quality and current noise levels assessment for an Impact Assessment Report for an Iron melting plant in the [redacted].

Please give me a quote for:
6 ambient particulate monitors
Passive ambient gas samplers

We need to do do air quality monitoring; can you assist?

I need representative to explain act requirements for air supplied to human consumption. Measure our current air quality and make proposale as to our short fall.

I would like to know which is the best and reliable system for fallout dust monitoring.

I am seeking a company to assist with the testing of air quality


I need a qoute for air an quality test.
Our business is the manufacturing of knitted polyethylene bags and shade net products.

We need a supplier to conduct a indoor air quality survey in 5 buildings [redacted].

Looking for two quotation of air quality assessment specialist for one project in [redacted]. the report will be combined with EIA report for submission to the Authority

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