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Waste water treatment plant sales leads.

[Redacted] printing company that generates effluent that needs a system to treat the water before dumping it into the grey water.

A new car wash handling 30+ vehicles per day requires a water recycling system to minimise fresh water usage. The wash bay area is roughly 10m x 5.5m, divided into two wash bays and the facility is outdoors. Please provide me with specifications and pricing of an appropriate system.

We are looking to install a decentralised water treatment plant in an area that has access to river water. The plant needs to cater for a development of about 3000 people on maximum capacity and the water needs to be purified to a drinking state. We would also need storage etc.

1-what would you charge me to install a waste sewerage system meant to supply 500 households (domestic use only)? Sewer line in community-estimates only. Quotes later
2-What can you offer for river purification systems?

Quotation on a possible effluent treatment plant for our factory.

Looking for a Bio-Disk plant capable of treating effluent from 9 septic tanks (1 household size) - quality outflow should be used for irrigation purposes on gardens and lawns.

We waste a lot of water washing tents and would like to recycle that water for re-use.

We need a small effluent plant to go with our medical waste facility.

I require a quotation for a Wastewater Treatment Station, which receives stormwater and water from a coal dust suppresion system. Both these types of water gets collected in a dam before being pumped at a flow rate of 336.96 m3/h to the treatment station.
Coal dust particals has a max size of 100mm, max temp is ambient.

I would like to create a home gray water system.I would like to collect water from my washing machine, bath, shower & kitchen sink & rain water and use it for my garden. Also I would like to reuse my pool water.

I would like to enquire about the treatment of waste water generated from a beverage manufacturing facility, reducing COD and BOD and possible re use of the water in cooling towers.

We want to supply the municipality with the following water and waste treatment chemicals:
Aluminium Sulphate
Ferric Sulphate
Sodium Hypochloride
Polyelectrolyte blend
Lime White
Chlorine gas

I would like to know the existing technology in textile industry effluent treatment (specifically for dye removal).

I need prices for waste water treatment equipment.

Dear Sir
We have a contaminated dam approx 12 000 cubic meters which needs to be rehabilitated. We are interested in testing potential water treatment pilot units.

I need a letter stating that you have water treatment equipment that you will be able to hire/rent out to us when we need them. This is for tender purpose. May you please list the major equipment as follows: TLB x1; 6m3 Tipper Truck; 10 Ton Mechanical Vibrating Roller Self Propelled x1; 26 Ton Excavator x2. This is to provide proof that you can offer the equipment.

Please call me urgently regarding package plant of 45cubic meters/day

Recycling water from a car wash bay approx 20 cars per day x 15 liters per car

I am looking for CAPEX and OPEX cost for a modular plant that can treat 3500m3 acid mine water for safe environmental discharge that can be later upgraded to treat 5500m3 per day.

Looking for upgrade on existing waste water plant.

I am contacting you on behalf of [redacted], growers and packers of fresh produce. I want to implement a water recycling system and would like some more information on the services that you provide.

I own a bicycle sale and service store. I would like to modify our existing indoor bicycle wash station to filter and recycle bicycle wash water to be re-used to wash bicycles.

Please quote on: Supply, delivery, installation of waste water plants.
1. 2.0ml/day
2. 0.5ml/day
Modular tanks in sections
Pipe work and fittings
Aeration pumps, blowers, and bridge walkways
Electrical panels/boxes, motors and wiring
Sludge pumps
JV germicidal sterilization for final efficient
Shipment to site and installation
Operator training and mentor ship programme
Cement slab and septic tanks

Hi there, We manufacture infant milk formula and our effluent is treated before entering the municipal effluent system. We would like to upgrade our current effluent treatment plant as we have expanded and run out of effluent treatment capacity. Can you please put me in contact with a company that can assist us with an assessment of our system and to supply us with a solution?

I am a mechanical and electrical installer and have a few waste water treatment works that we need to upgrade and send proposals to provincial government.

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