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Concrete floor sales leads.

I am building a patio and would like to have a polished concrete floor. I am about to cast the floor and do not know what to do when. Can you help. do you polish concrete floors. Please contact me urgently.
Thank you

Hi I have 70m2 floor area that I would like to renovate to concrete polished floor. How much will it cost per m2?

We are looking at flooring options for our new offices.
The total floor area is 330 sqm and we have a fittings and finishings budget that we have to stick to. We would like to know the price range of your polished concrete flooring.

Hello i have a 700sqm concrete to polish. floor was poured and power floated aboue 8mths ago need a quote

We are contractors for the [firm redacted]. The store in [area redacted] has a outside concrete receiving bay that needs to be polished- do you guys do this?

I want to pour a smooth cement floor for my feed and bale storage barn on the farm to store 4000 bales each weighing 20kg and a feed mill. The floor size is approximately 965 square meters and it should be able to handle a 7.5 ton wagon and tractor on a daily basis. I need a quote for this request please. I live 20km from [area redacted].

Please quote me on polished residential cement flooring. Please quote per square meter. Plain and tint option

We start building on our home early next year. Would like an estimate on polished aggregate flooring for around 200 sqm- please? It is for financial planning purposes.


Please could you quote me on concrete flooring. We live on [area redacted]. It is for residential use.
The area is about 50 m2 and current flooring is tiles and carpet.
Thanks so much.

I need a quotation please on stained concrete flooring for my house.

I'd like to confirm what the price would be to cover 80 square meters of flooring

Good morning- I would like to install the residential concrete flooring for a space of 80sqm- and would like to know the cost of this- thanking you.

I have a business client who has a tiled floor at the moment and is asking if it is possible to do a polished concrete floor in the high traffic areas.

I would like to investigate polished concrete flooring for a kitchen and for a patio.

Cost with and without staining.

I am looking into replacing my tiled floors with concrete flooring and I would like to know a rough estimation of the price- the size is 100 square meters.

We have a covered outdoor living area approximately 25sqm which is currently tiled- which we want a residential polished concrete look for. Kindly provide quote and samples to choose from?

I need a residential polished concrete approximately 45-34m square .Pls call to arrange for a qoute soon

Residential property in building process approx. 1000 squares (700 inside & 300 outside). What is the cost per square and is this done before or after the floor screed.

Kind regards-

Grinding and polishing top surfaces of existing concrete smooth:
Surface beds- slabs- etc.
512 m2

Im needing a concrete floor for a workshop 105m2.
Could you please quote me a price?

I require +-60m2 of decorative concrete flooring

Hi there-

I need a quote for 84sqm polished cement floor- the floor is currently light grey cement with a carpet on top. I would like a polished grey/white floor done.

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