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Diary printing sales leads.

I am looking for A4 maroon diaries with a foil of the logo. If you could send me pics and prices

need 1500 a5 page a day diaries, hardcover, 72 pages of colour ads and bookmark delivered.

Looking for A6 leatherette bound(not he real leather) hard cover booklet. Must have cream pages and line. Quantity 255.


i am looking for 500 x A4 wire bound 2012 diaries day a page, s-stitched type, 1000 x A4 and A5 diaries regular and Executive.

Diaries with Company logo's
& Calenders

I am looking for a quotation for 200 2012 diaries a mixture of A4 and A5.

100 a5 filofax diaries - black

We require about 30 diaries of A5 size. It does not require branding.

Good day, I please need a quote on A5 Diaries qty 750. Custom made, 5 double sided colour tip in pages (will supply artwork in PDF) Cover am not to sure still about. Need our logo blind embossed on the front. If possible can a rep come see me.

Looking for regular and executive diaries - A4 & A5 management & corporate promotional diaries and slimline & pocket diaries .

Looking for a selection of corporate diaries, wall calendars and desk pads, each need to be printed to customer specification. Diary will need logo embossed onto it. Thanks

200X Full Colour Desk Pads
- Two Colours
- Twelve Sheets per pad
- One Sided , Front only.

Can you please send me a quote of how much it would cost me for the following:
• A corporate branded diary
• With our company name and logo
• The person’s name
• Ghost logos on each page
• Information insert on the first page
• Our company managers/ceo’s pictures and names on the second page

Design and print corporate A4 Diaries for [business name redacted].
Quantity = 800
A4 page-a-day Diary
Size 300 x 220mm
Each 384 standard pages
Printed in Green and Full Colour on 75gsm diary – Thread sewing
End papered
Full bound into bonded matt green velvet leather
Gilt – edged
Fitted with 2 Gold Gilt corner mounts
1 ribbon markers
Blocked with three corporate logo on front cover in Gold
The diary should have the following information
• Motivational quotes every day
• First Four Full colour pages
• Personal information
• Holy Days and Days usually observed
• Calendars for the following years
• Year Planner
• World Time
• International Public Holidays
• World Summary
• Double Conversion tables
• Calculation formulae
• Staff holiday chart
• Notes
• Meeting time table
• Expenses tables for each month
• Year planner
• Telephone Index
• Twenty Full Colour Special Environmental Days.

Please forward me a quote soon.

I am looking to get prices on personalised Executive diaries in A4 and A5 for re-sale to my client on 900 x units

Please can you quote me on 50 x A4 and 50 x A5 Diraies.
Standard option in Blue or Black.

We would also like for our Company Logo to be on the Diaries.


Can you please provide me with a quote based on the following:

11500 A4 one day per page
Cover : green Printed gold logo and year on cover. Metal reinforcements on top and bottom right corners. 2 additional tip in pages (4pp) in front and 2 additional tip in pages at the back (4pp) full color printed
Finishing: thread sewn bound

6700 A5 one day per page
Cover : green Printed gold logo and year on cover. Metal reinforcements on top and bottom right corners. 2 additional tip in pages (4pp) in front and 2 additional tip in pages at the back (4pp) full color printed
Finishing: thread sewn bound

In addition from date of order how long will the order take to process.

I need 1000 A5 executive dairy & 1000 A4 executive dairy.



I'm after A4 Page a Day Diary A4 Page a Day qty: 394 and A5 Page a Day Diary A5 Page a Day qty: 555

I'm interested in purchasing regular and executive diaries - A4 & A5,Management & corporate promotional diaries, A5 Filofax organizers. However, i'd like to see samples and a variety of colours. Also could you elaborate more on management & corporate promotional diaries. Thanks

Please would you be so kind as to quote me 150 units of A4 Twinlux Vel Red/Black dairy with the Gold clips on the corners of the front cover, as well as a full colour both sides tipping/dipping page as front page of the diary. I’m also looking for 150 units of this in the A5 size.

Outer shell black leather or similar material with the company logo imprinted. Metal corners. Inside page per day with logo printed at bottom of page. A4 and A5

Good day
We are looking for ECO friendly diaries for one of our clients, do you do these?

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