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Below is a small sample of the boiler sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These boiler sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the boiler field.

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Boiler sales leads.

I want to heat up a 700lt copper tank with juices inside and must be as cheap as possible.

I need high pressure boiler cleaning. Please quote on all size boilers.

Looking for an electric steam boiler for a dry cleaning business.
It needs to push 315kg steam p hour @ 120 degrees celcius.

Looking for m/stl pressure vessel fabricators in the [redacted] area, for manufacture of circa 100 cuft vessels to our design. Must be able to produce quantities in multiples of 28, and for delivery this calendar year.

I would like to know if you sell industrial boiler spares.
I'm looking for a condensate steam pipe, size=32mm, length = 20m.

I am looking for a 2000l Diesel fired vertical hot water generator with heat capacity of 0.6l per sec.

Urgently needing a low pressure boiler capable of 200Kw burning wood with either LPG or oil or diesel as an alternative.

I need a company to go and test a pressure vessel on a compressor in [redacted] mine very urgently.

I am interested in your gas boilers. Can they be integrated with a binary heat exchange system?

I require qoutations on a small boiler system 200kg/ and recon.

I am looking for a +/- 500lt stainless steel wood fired hot water donkey.
Would you perhaps do anything of this kind and if so please quote.

We have a customer looking for a second hand boiler shell + valves only, no stoker needed. It does not have to be a 10 bar boiler, 7-8 bar will be suitable.
Capacity anything from 8 ton but preferably 10 ton. They will definitely be interested in a 16 or 20 ton twin flue option too.

Need a flash steam generator fired by wood for heat engine application.

We currently have a steam boiler, that we would like to convert to a oil boiler. Could somebody please contact me on this, and send somebody out to come and assist on this.

Requiring three, 30Lt gas Autoclaves

I am looking for a constant steam supply of 12 - 20kg/hour.
Do you have a boiler that will work?

I am also interested in your Autoclave equipment (In order to sterilize cheese making equipment).

I need a company that can quote me on pressure vessel testing and sandblasting and I can send a scope of work for a quote.

I am looking for a 1400kw wood boiler to be used in the warming broiler chicken houses. need the heat exchange units as well.

I am looking for a small steam boiler for a laundromat. It needs to generate 180kg's of steam per hour, and must be diesel generated.A second hand boiler will suffice. I need this boiler as soon as possible please.

Looking for a 500-1000Kg/h steam boiler
Must work with diesel.

Air Pressure testing for 16 Pressure Vessels 100lt
Must be able to supply certificate.

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