How much is one banners sales lead worth?

Read on to see how we delivered a steady stream of banners sales leads. Without breaking the bank.

Below is a small sample of the banners sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These banners sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the banners field.

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Banners sales leads.

I would like quotes on your pull-up banners and your teardrop shaped banners.

Hi I want a (more or less)1.5m x 1m Pvc banner. Will you please send me prices with colour options. Not a lot of graphic's.

I would like prices for pull up banners and banner flags.

Can you please send me a printable (pdf) quotation on the following items:
6 x Pull-up banners
6 x Wall banners 1.5 x 1.2m
200 x Z-fold printed in full colour
20 x gholf shirts printed with logo

Please could you send me an urgent quote for 2 banners.
1x outdoor banner. Maybe a tear drop to be placed on golf course.
1x indoor banner. Either a pop up or roll up stand. Could this be printed by Tuesday afternoon if the artwork is sent through today or tomorrow?

I'm looking for an estimate price to print me gazebo with sides,3 2m teardrop banners and business cards.

As a part of our Matric gift, we are looking to buy a large school banner which can be taken to sports events. It would not need to have a stand as girls would just hold it up on the side of the fields or in supporters stands, or we would tie it to a fence. Do you offer this kind of product? If yes, could you please send me a quote? The banner would be in full colour and would need to be around 3mx1m (very roughly).

We are looking to get a banner printed to advertise our events. Full colour.

I need to print two pull up banners, need to be ready by next week Wednesday.

Hi, please send me a quote on a 1.5m x 1 m banner.

Looking for a price on various banners from 2 to 4 colours. Average size 1.8m x 4m.

I am looking for a PVC banner with seaming and eyelets. 2x3 meters. Please send me a quote.

Want to put a picture of myself and Husband on a banner and also the wording of our wedding.

I need a banner with eyelets, 2m x 1m.
My artwork is print ready in CorelDraw.

I need a banner urgently, its for my company, in length it should be round about 4-5m please let me know asap.

Our company is looking at 4 indoor banners for our site.
Can you kindly send me a quote on your standard PVC banners for indoor usage.

Looking for a certain (flag spinner) banner, but can't find a picture to get the name.
Have seen it, and will explain to the consultant that will contact me.

I am looking for three color printed banners. If you could please give me your pricing.

I am looking for quotes to have a 3m x 2m PVC banner printed (image to be supplied). The banner will need to be hung and therefore requires hanging grommets spread around the perimeter. I will also need the banner printed and ready for collection by Friday.

I'm looking to create at few Banners to do with CPR and Ambulance and Rescue awareness as we having a Emergency Service Awareness weekend and we are training the public on CPR.

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