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Air compressor sales leads.

Hi- I need a 300l tank for a vacuum system- do you have stock?

Dear Sir-
I need part numbers price and availability for the following diesel tow-behind portable compressors.
Air filters- oil filter- and separator elements.
Ingersoll Rand Models : 7/120- 7/170- 21/215- 900LP.

Oil air compressor sírio PD100

looking for a price on a excel air compressor.
7.5 hp
5.5 kw

We need 200 liter compressor tanks with a maximum diameter of 350 mm. we will specify other fittings required

require an single phase (220V) 200 to 270 L piston compressor with 10 Bar pressure and 13 CFM

Tow-behind / portable.
We are looking for a compressor -40CFM 7BAR @ 51M3/HR.
Please advise

good day can i get a quote on the following product




MODEL:VMD 500-350

SIZE: DIA 115 X LG 115MM

PART NO: C10540-217

I need a reliable supplier on industrial pneumatic tooling for a national corporate client of ours that currently use Fisher and Ingrersoll-Rand products.
I need an equivalent industrial product.

If you can assist please give me a costing for a 1 days exhibition on the clients site and if you can- on that day demonstrate skills training on the tooling available.

I have a Client that is looking for a 200 Litre 220Volt Air Compressor

I am Looking for the oil/air separator for a Hydrovane 504 compressor

1000 liter air receiver 11 -15 bar

I am a small scale miner looking for a diesel powered compressor that can power a single jackhammer.

Quotation on 50l direct drive compressor

3 phase pressure switch for air compressor
Ingersoll rand 270 litre
Do you have it ??

I am using heavy duty riveting gun and need to know what size compressor to get for riveting gun to work? please assist if possable

I am looking for the tyre inflator guage and hoses for a T-Max 4x4 compressor

Thank you

In the market for a 400-750 CFM Compressor

Please quote:
230mm Air grinder - Quantity = 1
1150mm Air grinder - Quantity = 1
and availability of these grinders to supply.

Please let me have information and pricing on your screw compressors in the 7.5Kw range

Good day. Our company is looking for a Atlas Copco 290 cfm compressor or a Kaeser M80. Could you please assist in this regard. Thank you

Looking for pricing on an oil injected rotary screw compressor- 8 Bar minimum- 15KW. New or refurb. This will be for a workshop.

please quote me on
Screw Compressor (1 off)
· 7 Bar Pressure
· 45 KW Power input
· 380 V Power supply
· Direct/Belt driven
· Air Cooling
· 6.2 m³/min Effective flow
· 39.5 KW motor output Shaft incl fan
· 13.88 Input power at no load
· 75 ±3dB Noises level at 1 m
· IP54 Motor enclosure
· 1395 rpm Fan motor speed
· Oil tank 40 litres

I need a compressor of about 35 bars using small tank of about 10 to 15 liter


Looking for a motor with double pulley and pipe connector and auto cut switch if compressor is full

Good day

May i please get a quote for the following;
1. 1 X Mobile compressor 0.27m3

2. Air receiver 690 kpa

3. Exhausters including CDM 420 Vacuum pump - 22 kw 380 volt electrical motor revanish and bake cooler tower

I need a quotation on a Mobile air compressor

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