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Counselling sales leads.

I need help with my anger, it seems to be getting the better of me and my life.

I have a son he is 19yrs needs help with his anger.


I would like to find out when you have Anger Management classes, what they entail and what the costs are.

Help me not to explode

Need to be able to shift that point of anger (and hurt) before I go past "the point of no return" and lash out.

Desperately needing anger management help before its too late and i lose everything.

Need assistance with dealing with my anger and the way I talk to other persons and was told by employer to attend a course.

In certain situations I find that I get very very angry with my boyfriend and I don't like behaving like that - I would like some advice on how I can control my anger towards him.

i would like to find out where i can get an anger management programme for my brother? affecting his personal and work environment

I need help in dealing with my anger and controlling it.

Dale, my son needs assistance with a very bad intollerance and no control.

I become un-controllable when I feel threatened. Am seeing a psychologist but it still hasn't helped.

I have anger issues and would like to know how much your private sessions are.

I'm married 3yrs now I have a cheating husband. I've beaten him 4 times already. Please i need help.

Help, my daughter likes fighting at school.

If I'm angry I tend to be verbally and physically abusive .Especially if I have some problems from work I tend to take them out to the only person that loves me dearly my girlfriend.

Hi i really get so angry about silly things in life that really should not make one mad . I just would like to chat too someone about it and stop getting so hacked off about nothing . Hope you guys can help out.

I have done an anger management course myself. My husband struggles with ongoing anger and frustration. Would love to be able to help him.

I have anger problems that results in bursts of violence. I need distance counselling

Need anger managment to better my situation at work and not that losing my temper or frustration and stress get to me before I lose my work, Thanks

i need to be helped on my enger becouse every relationship i have end up bad becouse of my eneger. i become insecured and that makes me very angry and do somethings i end up regreating doing. i would love to be my ownself again but i have this uncontrolable anger i cant handle towards the person im in a relationship with.

I require assistance with managing my anger and keeping it under control! I have a habit of "flying off the rail" and am causing detriment to my family, and relationships.

Have been told by my partner I either seek help, or I move out, as he cannot do this anymore.

My rage is negatively affecting my very small kids. Have innapropriate anger outbursts. Had a physically very abusive father also-so don't know if this is the right place or please refer. Thank you.

Ever since i broke up with my baby daddy I get angry at anyone around me, especially my parents. Please help.

I am looking for this help for my son

i believe i have implosive anger and i'm afraid,there are issues in my past i never got a chance to resolve them, i bottle things, i can't confront someone even if he/she is wrong,i can't stand on my ground,i always settle for second,but now i'm feeling i'm going to explode and i'm afraid i will do things i will regret,the is something in my past that occured i'm afraid to talk about i think ineed help.......

I need help with my anger. It come to a stage where I'm getting scared for myself. I tried to control my anger / aggression myself, but it's just getting worse - I need help, I'm starting to destroy my marriage and respect from my husband - Please I need some more info regarding counsel and help.

I have this short temper that I cannot control, little things just annoys me n I snap just like that I feel it has taken over too many close ppl in my life I really need help.

My anger is now affecting my job, my marriage and my health & safety. Please help

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