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ADHD consulting sales leads.

Sometimes aggressive, cant concentrate, wants all the attention, shivers when not getting sugar or sweets

I would like more infomation on now to handle leaning, doing homework and the out burst of temper and the soiling of underwear.
He is 7 now and on Ritalin and we are trying to follow the ADHD diet.
Thank you

My eight year old daugther has just been diagnosed with ADD.

Stratera 25mg side effects when taken for a long duration

Hi my child losses concetration in class,she does not complete her work,she sometimes does not listening to instructions and she was diognose with ADHD.I have use the prescribe pills (concetra) and now this has changed her eating habits and she lost a lot of weight,i changed the medication now she is taking herbal pills call IQ but i dont see any improvent.
Kindly assist i need something that could help her survive this.

My son is 6 years old and in grade 1. I get constant complaints from his teacher because of his restlessness. He only concentrate for a short time and is very disruptive. I need help please and don't have the financial resources to pay for expensive treatments and assessment. Many thanks Wayne

Is their anything that can be used except putting a child on medication?

The doctor just told us our son has adhd. He going to put him on medication but I am scared. What is adhd and how do we treat it?

Looking for a natural supplement to calm my 3 year old boy down

My son is 11 and is ADHD.

My youngest son has been diagnosed with adhd my older son has add and is on medication, how can i prevent medication taking for the younger sibling?

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