How much is one fire alarm sales lead worth?

Read on to see how we delivered a steady stream of fire alarm sales leads. Without breaking the bank.

Below is a small sample of the fire alarm sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These fire alarm sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the fire alarm field.

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Fire alarm sales leads.

Need a fire alarm for an old age home with 30 plus rooms.

I am the operations manager of a 40 bedroom hotel. We are a totally non smoking hotel and are constantly having a problem with guests smoking in rooms an would like to install cost effective smoke alarms in every room

i need a system that can detect fire in an institution and be able to report to the main office of fire in that particular office. secondly, there should be lights that can be activated in a particular section for those who are deaf.

1x analogue addressable fire control panel with interface.
15x optical smoke detector.
6x heat detector.
1x addresable beacon siren.
320m 0.8mm,2 pair screened fire retardant mylar cable fr20

Install fire detection systems in 15 offices with a central point

Kindly give me a quote for 5 Fire Detectors to be used in a large Clinic with 39 offices.


I am charge of our school's boarding houses and need some info on smoke detection and the costs involved.

We are looking at price and availability of fire detectors for a warehouse.

We are looking to buy a smoke detector and fire blanket for a commercial kitchen.

I need a quotation for 140 basic Fire Detectors for an office building.

Good day!

I am looking for somebody to give me a quote on smoke detectors and fire alarms.
This is for an office park.

We need a system to notify all staff of a fire evacuation be it a drill or the real thing. We looking at installing sirens with a button to press ICE.

Looking for sensors that would activate the fire alarm when fire doors are opened.

I have 266 rooms that must each get a smoke detector and then the reporting or base unit telling the system where the smoke is.

Looking to install smoke/fire detection in our factory.

Our company is starting a new division. We please need a quote on a fire system installed under a 1 year contract.

We would like a quotation on smoke detectors for our school. However the type that we are looking for should be extremely sensitive to even the smallest amount of smoke. Would you be able to help us?

I am looking for a small fire detection system to monitor an archive room. Bell output.

Require +- 115 units for retirement complex.

We are looking for a cost-effective fire detection solution for our building. The building is a student accommodation complex housing about 600 students currently. Please give me a call as soon as possible.

We are a boarding school and need smoke detectors in 8 dormitories and staff training.

Looking for fire system 21 zones master + slave.

Hi I need a company that can install a smoke detecting system in an area with 4 main buildings and in each building there are 50 double storey units that need detection also it must have a control panel.

We require a smoke detector system that is wired up to the front office central line so that we are notified immediately when the detectors are activated.

We are a small lodge of about 18 rooms and would like to install smoke detectors on the premises.

We need 65 smoke detectors and a 4 zone control panel.

Building size: 4000m²
Basement, Ground and First floor. Offices and Auditorium. Design Stage.

Please quote on fire detection for a retirement village.
Frail-Care: 21Rooms,2 Lounges 1 Dining Room 1 Office 8 Toilets 1 reception Area 3 long passages.
Mid-Care: 12 Rooms plus Dining room and lounge 1 long passage 2 toilets

Need an evaluation done of our current fire detection system.

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