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Kennel sales leads.

Please could you send me quotes for kennels around the [redacted] area. 22 April - 1 May for 2 dogs:

1yr and 8 mnth old beagles to be kenneled together.

zina needs a place to stay, osr about 5 to 6 weeks, zina is very active and she is a 4 year old bullterrier she loves attention and is friendly, we are moving and untill the garden is safe we can not take our baby there.

I need accommodation for a maltese terrier and a cat from 21 st April till 3rd May.

I'm looking for a highly recommended dog kennel for my GSD. He's very active and needs lots of exercise!

I have just moved and need temporary homes for my two staffies for aproximately two months.Tia and Roco are five years old, good natured, playfull,good with people, other dogs but not cats and birds.

boarding for young 9month old border collie female for 10 days please from 22 Feb.

we need a quote on two large dogs, a male rotwilder and a female pitbull. The quote need to be for a month thanx

Our two dushcunds are pretty much our grandchildren. We are looking for a dog kennel in a homely environment to keep our dogs safe and happ over Easter. Please help

I have 2 cats that need a safe happy home for 3 months - May to July - any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I urgentky need a kennel for about 14 days from today

I am searching for kennel facilities for 2 dogs, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and a Scottish Terrier, for 2weeks.

I live near [redacted] and am looking for accommodation nearby for our Maltese over the Easter weekend. Many thanks, Denise

My parents are pensioners and they need a cheap bording kennel to look after their puppy on 18 to 21 March . Puppy will be 8 weeks.

We have 2 yorkies and am looking for accommodation for them for the last 2 weeks of December.


I have 2 beagle puppies, 8 weeks old that need to go into kennels for 5-6 days whilst my wife and I are away.

Dates are from the 18th of Feb till the 23rd of Feb.


Need to board my female Jack Russel(2yrs old) and my little Pekingese male (9months old now) from the 21st to 31st of December.
The male has been fixed but the female not. Special care for pekingese as he is very sensitive to heat. Needs to be kennels that take very good care and love of all the animals.

i need to book my labrador into a kennel from 2 Jul to 22 Jul. Please could you send me quotes and details.

need to put my dog in a kennal for a week as I am going away in april for an entire month and need to get her used to being without mommy . medium sized dog .usually she stays with friends for short periods , but seeing that i have a trip planned for this wednesday till next wednesday - i figured this would be an ideal time to have a test run

We have a daschund and small terrier cross, female spayed who need kenneling for about 4-5 days.

Looking for quotes for my German Sheperd fpr about a week

Looking for a kennel for our dog for this coming weekend 18-21 March.

i'm looking for boarding place for 9 week old jack russel female for long weekend in March

I would like to book a Jack Russel and a Labrador into a kennel for the period starting 23/04 to 01/05.

Kindly forward a quote, location and a description of the facilities to me.


Need a good cattery to place our cats for a few days

Looking for a quote from 24 to 30 December for my dog, (Pembroke Collie)

Looking for kenneling for two medium dogs for weekend 4-6 March around Northcliff area.

Dog kennels needed for two medium sized dogs, from 21 April to 2 May - thanks.

need to put 2 small dogs in a kennel for about 15 days,

Please can i get a quote

Please quote for acc. for Am/Staff dog from 11 to 18 March, and let me have full info on accommodation for our pet

We have 5 cats & 4 dogs who may need boarding from 21 April until 30 April.

hi i have a oldish cat, no one knows how old she is, who does not play well with other animals at all. i am relocating to [redacted] but this will only take place in april, in the mean time i am going to be staying in a property where no animals are allowed. i would like to know how much you will charge me to look after my cat for a month.

going on holiday - looking for kennel services to take care of my jack Russel.

4 miniture daschies for approximately 4 weeks

Looking for good dog kennels in an around [redacted].

I would like to know how much boarding will cost for 2 small/medium dogs for 2 weeks in december?

We are looking for a home for our dog (pitbull) very loving and good natured pet for a period of about 3 weeks.

I have to go away for work - I'm not sure for how long - and I need a place for my cat to stay.

HI there! I would like to know how to find a place for my (now) 4 month old sausage dog "Milo" to stay in April, while going on a trip overseas. He would need to be hosted from 6th April to about 2nd or 3rd May. We stay in the [redacted] area and it would be great to find a place with personal attention, where he can be part of a family while I am gone. Your assistance will be appreciated. Thanks and Regards Caroline

Hi, I am moving from [redacted] to [redacted] in a bit more than a month. I've got a GSD that I would like to bring with and wont be able to accommodate him immediately where I am going to stay until I find my feet. What are your daily rates? What is the maximum time limit? And he doesn't get along with other dogs, so do you have a separate enclosure for him? He is like a child to me and can't leave him behind. Please can you help me?

Moving house.. need to put 3 cats & 2 dogs (Dalmation & a Collie) in kennels for 4-6 weeks until transfer goes through


Boarding kennels 2 medium size dogs and 2 maltese

going away from 20 apr to 2 may
and i have a minuture pincher and a cat please quote me on leaving them wiht you

I am looking for a kennel for 2 dogs for 11 - 13 March, staying over two nights. What is your availability and what is the total cost?

Looking for a kennel for our bulldog in the month of March.

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