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Marriage counselling sales leads.

Help me with my relationship with my fiancee.

Anyway I have met my s in Oct 2009 and we got engaged in July 2010. We knew a little about each other before we met.
I left the Company I worked for for many years and moved to her farm. I live a wonderful life, work hard, enjoy the lifestyle. We both wanted to get married so after we got engaged, even set dates, but this never materialised. She assures me daily that she loves me, but I have noticed that her circle of male friends has increased dramatically. It concerns me and I have addressed it with her.
Although she says she loves me, I don't always 'feel' it. She relies a lot on me and I know that I am great support to her and her wider family. Marriage as far as she is concerned is very much on the back burner and I feel very insecure.

In my marriege there is no more trust because of my mistake in the past. We talked about it and she forgave me but it always comes back everytime we argue. It has to a point where If i leave the house she thinks I'm cheating.

My husband and i are in need of a marriage councillor, please can i have your rates.

Currently have a problem with my girlfriend as she wants out of our relationship accusing me of having emotionally abused her. It is our 3rd Anniversary and I really love and want to marry her.We have had disagreements and misunderstandings and I have apologized for my behaviour at that time. I have assured her of my commitment to have a healthly relationship but she doesn't want to give it a try.

In need of marriage counselling.

I am married but cheated on my wife with another married woman My wife found out about that relationship and things are not the same anymore. Very worried and scared. What should I do?

I have been with my husband for 8 years and we have been married for 3 years, but we seem to misunderstand each other a lot. We need to find out if the problems we're experiencing is deeper than what we think, before it gets totally out of control.

We need relationship counselling we have being having problems and cant resolve our disputes it has even been to an extent of me moving out. we also have a baby.

I need some assistance with marital conflicts.

thank u

Good afternoon
I would like to find out how much it would cost me and my husband need counselling desperately as we would like to save our marriage, please help.

My husband is very sensitive to every word that I say, he always judge me every sentence. He always come home late and never want to be asked anything about his late coming.

Good day,

I am hoping you can assist me, I am a 30year old woman residing in [redacted] and am involved with a man of the same age for the last 9 years. Almost a year ago we were blessed with a baby boy and recently we fight about everything. He has totally lost respect for me, the way he addresses me, the language he uses. When he does this we don't talk to each other for days on end, maximum being a week. We have discussed marriage throughout our relationship but were having financial problems, now that he does have a good steady income I am not sure whether to continue with the relationship or not as I feel that he never sees anything wrong with the way he speaks to me, he does not even apologise.

I am really not sure what to do here, please help.

I would like to organise counselling for my husband and i as we are experiencing difficulties in our marriage. Kindly advise of your rates, location and the hours that you are open at.

I am an adult male; married for 6 years and have constant bickering and fighting in my relationship over various issues; we have a 5 year old daughter; i want to reconcile my marriage and have absolutely no joy in getting my wife to a councillor so we can sort our problems out; we have been to 3 other counsillors previously all of whom have said almost the same thing; please can u urgently help; Please advise your rates and when ur next available appointment;

Husband is an asshole.

Hi I am married and not happy. I think my hubby made mistake to marry because he doesn't have much time for me. The worst is he is always in the house but he cant touch me, the only time he does that its when he wants to make love to me maybe after three weeks or a month. I've been trying to talk to him about it but nothing changes util he had an affair and that lady get pregnant with two kids which i didn't know about. We are not happy, he doesn't respect me i don't say that haven't mistakes, I do but i think that i don't deserve to leave this kind of life.

Good Day myself and my fiance want to take the "big step"but feel that we need counselling before we enter into marriage, our relationship has been through a lot of difficulties, and break ups and we also need the best relation between us because we already have a little girl

My husband is cheating on me and i tried several time to discuss this issue with him but it seems like he is not interested to fix it,its just getting worse and worse.

I am looking for someone to help my fiance and I, we are fighting a lot and we have just got engaged and moved in together all in the last 2 months and we really cant settle our fights at the moment. We need help to learn how to communicate to each other properly and sort fights out i a healthy way. We are just taking the next step in our relationship and we really want to make it a strong start.

My wife recently admitted to an affair, can you please heap me to forget about this? Life goes on

My wife and I need council ling as our relationship is on the rocks. Please let me know what your fees are


I would like to know if you could assist my boyfriend and I with couples counselling.

I am 31yr old male engaged to my fiance and we seem to have arguments regarding small things. she says she loves me but at times she feels like not talking to me.

My boyfriend and I are having a very difficult time in our relationship and need counselling in this regard as a last step before deciding to let go.

My husban cheated on me, I wish to work out our marriage but I feel so hurting

Dealing with a long distance relationship, and coursing depression, frustration and failing to trust each other all ways

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