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Jumping castle sales leads.

Hire a 4 x 4 jumping castle or something a little smaller than that.

No idea, just need it for a 3 year old girl's party

I need the type that can accommodate at least 20 kids.

Just a normal jumping castle for little kids.

4 x 4m
8m inflatable slippy slide

This is urgent as the place i was getting from let me down and i have no time left!

Please let me know if it will be possible to hire a jumping castle for the 21st of March. I want a 3m X 3m jumping castle to be delivered to my house on or before that day. It must also be collected either in the afternoon or next day.

3 in 1 jumping castle or something that will keep different age groups busy.

Spongebob castle , if not then a castle with a shaded net or roof

jumping castle or blow up slippery slide, preferably blow up slippery slide

Want a bouncy castle for ages 10-16

Want a small jumping castle for 1yr old party.

Want either a jumping castle that can handle 10 kids at once or a water slide.

I am having a ben 10 theme for 4yrs and 5 ys old ,,any suggestions for a bouncy catle pls

Barney or anything else

Jumping castle for an 8 year boys party

Very small jumping castle - should fit into a small garden. Size pref. 2.5 x 2.5m.

Party for 3 year olds
Either slippy slide depending on wheather, or a jumping castle princess castle
Thank You

Looking to hire an Island or Junior Gladiators or a Barbie Castle

Please can we hire Toy Story bouncy castle (if available) otherwise a wrestling ring with closed sides.

Jumping castles suitable for 4 - 10 year olds.

If you have anything in soft pastel colors that would be awesome otherwise and old fashioned jumping castle will have to do!

Any jumping castle that does not need water.


Small kids - no-one above the age of 5. Just need plain jumping castle.

jumping castle, with a slide what goes into the water.

The sliding jumping castle/ A nice and big one

Need a jumping castle for a 3 year old girls birthday party, so something with sides that are safe. Please email/sms. Phone cannot be answered during work hours.

My baby is turning 1, but the other children are much older and i'm looking for a fun intresting jumping castel to hire for the firetruck birthday party. I just need something intresting to intertain the older children.

Please quote to hire 1 x large water slide(slippy slide) and 1 x gladiator type jumping castle

Looking a Barney themed Jumping castle - or any Idea how the castle can fit in with the Barney theme.

I'm looking for a reasonably priced, sturdy adult able jumping castle. I'm having a 25th birthday party, so it's only adults present.

minnie mouse or princess jumping castle

Ben 10 Jumping castle. 1 day hire.

Gladiator or any other jumping castle that is able to have water on it - no slide that needs a pool as there is no pool on the property

Looking for a castle/slide combo, or a double slide. The children are 7years old

Castle + seperate slide.

Would love something with airplane theme, but anything animal like would be fine

Could you please send me a list of your jumping castles?

Disney castle with Mickey mouse club characters

i am looking for a small jumping castle to cater for 12 children .Please could you advise your rates , delivery cost

My son is turning 3 on 4th of June and he loves jumping! I am looking for the perfect jumping castle/slide combo or something themed for him which is safe and suitable for kids from 1-10. I need prices, including delivery and if there is a ball pool how much balls will be interested.

looking forward to your soonest and best reply.


I have a flat yard and want a water slide that has an incline. Must be suitable for all ages. My youngest guest is 2 and oldest is 16.

I need a blow up water slide come jumping castle or just a plain blow up water slide and plain under the sea jumping casle.

Bouncy castle needed. Theme for party will be strawberry shortcake. Something "girly" please

Waterslide. Not sure what is available

A big jumping castle that is suitable for and can withstand teenagers/young adults.

The standard size for kids aged 5-6 in aid of the school grade R fun day.
This will just be for one day at the school ground so delivery and collect for the same day is required but not at an additional cost if possible.

Her party theme will be Winnie the anything to match the theme

I want to hire a jumping castle. It needs to be all one colour - green- what options can you offer?

Theme : Toy Story
Not sure if there are any castles for that theme, so probably a standard castle would be fine.

Looking for a jumping castle with a slide, those mini gladiator types look great as well. Could i please have a quote for either?

Please give me a quoet on different castles

Gladiator Waterslide.
3m high waterslide

Need a bouncy castle for one day. Having a b-day party for my boy and his cousin, they both turning three. Most of the kidz there will be between 3 & 6, ± 4x6 / 4x8 in size?

Party theme is under the sea so anything ocean related.

We want something to jump on and water slide all in one please.

Very basic rather small jumping castle that could fit in the backyard of a house. It is for a street barbecue being held.

Pink & purple 3x3m

Need a jumping castle /slippy slide that works next to a pool.

Just a nice jumping castle for small and older kids plse

For boys aged 11 - prefereably involving water and sliding

Want to hire a castle for small kiddies, nothing too big.

Want a jumping castle - something pink and for small kids.

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