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Granite countertop sales leads.

I need black, or white, or black & grey granite that can be used to match the kitchen with white, silver, black colours.

We want to replace the old tops with granite tops in our kitchen.

Looking for a granite top for a bathroom 600mm x 1.6m

Please can you quote me on a sheet & 2300X600mm

Please send the quote via email.

I need granite for my sink cupboard - 2.24M x 650M. I need a price with fitment and without fitment.

I would please like to know your price ranges for kitchen tops. We need 5.13m2

I would like to get a quote for kitchen tops. 2 counter tops, 3.5m2 worth of granite required. Need the work done next week - is this possible?

We would like a quote on Granite kitchen countertops. I will only be able to give measurements once we receive quote for bic. Perhaps you could assist in an estimate price: kitchen 8x3m. The cupboards would prob cover approx. 7m x 80cm in the kitchen. Regards,

Please could we get a quote for replacing our kitchen tops with granite.

We are instoling our new kitchen next week and are looking for granite tops my cupboards are black and the rest in the kitchen is stainless steel it is a small modern kitchen

Please quote me on granite prices for a 4 squared metres

I would like a quote for granite tops in my kitchen. Im in the processes of getting quotes as I need to gut and redo my kitchen completly.

I need a quotation for two kitchens to be fitted with granite tops.

I need a quotation for a Granite kitchen counter top

1) 3225 X 600
2) 620 x 600
3) 1930 X 620
4) 1400 X 800

I am looking for a quote for granite countertops for my scullery.

Need urgent quote on granite tops. Please bring samples.

I want 2 tops for a bathroom of 1200 by 600 mm. One light grey and one black granite

Looking for price for a square table 1,5x1,5m with pedestal (all granite)

Price on a cafe table with a black piece of granite.

I need granite kitchen counter tops.

Would need a black granite top in the dimensions of 2600x1000x30 mm. At what price am i looking at ?

We are looking for granite countertops for our new kitchen. The sizes required are 3.6 x 600; 1.2 x 600; 900 x 600; 1.2 x 900.

Site visit required to quote for a granite dining room table

I would please like a price quotation for my kitchen counter tops

Want a quotation on granite tops for my kitchen. Urgent please.

I want to get quotes on putting granite tops into my (small) kitchen.

Looking at quotations for 8m of granite (options)

Looking for bathroom granite tops - roughly 6 metres by 600mm.

Would like price per meter for granite for kitchen counter tops ASAP

I am a renovating coordinator and am looking (for someone new) to install granite tops in a client's kitchen.

I need a quote on granite tops for my kitchen, total is about 14000 mm x 520 mm.


Require cutting and installation of granite kitchen tops

i have a local supplier who is doing my kitchen just need the tops.

We need a quote for kitchen tops.

We are looking to replace the kitchen work surfaces, with Graniite, approx 10mts

Simply wish to replace existing counter tops with black granite tops.

I need a qoute on Granite counter tops for Kitchen on all your styles of Granite

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