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Floor sanding sales leads.

We are buying an old house want to lift the carpets and restore the original wooden floors. We are wanting an idea of cost. Thanks.

Need to have the wooden floors in my home repaired and restored. Looking for a qualified contractor.

Sanding of my foors (about 50m2)is required

Looking to sand my parquet flooring and possibly make it a bit lighter.

My husband has laid a Rhodesian teak floor area and we would like to get it sanded and the join tidied up please.

Thanks very much!

I require sanding and sealing of wooden floors, 22m2.

We have a whole house to be sanded and sealed (Oregan floors) but also some areas that need replacing/fixing

Parquet floor in four rooms & small passage approx 140 square metres.
Some tiles have come loose - probably in total 1 square metre.
Will need sanding, and varnishing or polishing.
Please give me an indication of what the cost would be.

I have just moved into a house and want to remove all the carpets that have been put over the wooden floors, I need someone to come out and quote on restoring the floors in my lounge passage and dining area.

I would like to have my parquet floors sanded and treated.

I need my floors in my house resanded and recoated. Solid teak flooring.

Hi there a have a loft unit of 10*4 Squares and would like to get it sanded down sealed and vanished also to would need to do the beams on the roof and stairs

floating wooden floor sanding and re-polishing, needs slight repair. lounge area approximately 18square meters

Please can come and view the wooden flooring and provide a quote and best method to restore the decayed flooring

Please quote me on sanding of approx. 50 sq m parkay floors

I have parquet flooring that needs to be sanded and varnished. there may be some areas that need to be stuck down again. currently under carpeting. there are 3 rooms and a passage requiring work.

My wife and I have removed the carpets from our 3 bedrooms and found that we have parquete floors which we would like to have sanded

We stripped the carpets in the bedroom and saw the lovely wooden floors. They are in excellent condition, only need to be sanded down and re-varnished. Thank you.

We want to pull up the carpets and re-sand the floors and leave them open. We know the one room is parquet but not sure about the other. Need to know how much it would cost per room

Need to sand stair case steps over 2 floors

I need about 10 m2 of outside deck sanded and treated.

I have parquet flooring that has been polished for years. I would like a quote for sanding and sealing. 1 bedroom, (lounge and diningroom combined) and short passage.

We are moving into our new house in August and need to sand the old wooden pine floors. We would like a quote.

To Whom It May Concern,

I am looking to restore the solid pine flooring in my apartment and would like to find out costs.

If you could please give me a call to discuss it would be greatly appreciated.


Need quote for parquet flooring that is lifting due to a burst water pipe for an insurance claim

Old house has wooden block floor carpets need to be lifted and whole house sanded and varnished.

We would like to have our wooden floors sanded and treated!

Please supply me with a quotation for approx 30 sqm for a house.

Please can you give me a quote for 80 square metres of oregon pine floors.
Sanding, sealing & varnished.

Require dustless floor sanding quotes for 2 bedrooms, passage, living room and dining room.

I require the services of a dustfree sander company to sand the floors of my lounge/diningroom and entrance hall.

Restore wooden floors, dustless floor sanding

We have bought a house which has parquet flooring in the lounge, dining room, entrance and passage as well as the bedrooms.

We are thinking of refurbishing these floors (sanding and sealing) before we move in. We would like to get some quotes.

Thank you.

First floor apartment. Existing floors in good condition to be sanded and coated with water-based products.

I would like to have my parents wooden floors sanded and varnished as a gift to them. The area basically consists of a four bedroom home with passages and 2 lounges and a dining room that I would like to have done.

Need quote for oregan pine floors to be sanded.

I have a 60 sq m parquet floor in relatively good condition - no repairs needed. I have lifted the carpet.

Please quote me on a water based and a solvent based varnish - indicating the brands you would use.

hi there i'm interested in finding out about pricing on the following options: 1. having my wooden floors sanded and varnished. 2. limewashed to a 'grey' colour, 3 sanded only so it' has a raw, rustic 'beachy' feel
please would you be so kind as to email me and advise what the options and prices are?
many thanks

We have parquet floors which need resanding. Two bedrooms, lounge and dining room and passage. 100sq.meters.

Please give me a quote on sanding a floor 4 x 4 meters.

Rosewood internal floor

Remove existing carpets
Sand parquet floors
Stain parquet to match existing
Seal with high gloss
2 bedrooms each 9.42 square meters
Request quote per room

One parquet sanding and sealing(aprox 5m*6m and one new meranti solid wood floor sealing aprox 7m*10m. Please contact me re quote.

Hi I have 25 sqm of parquet blocks that need to be fitted standed and sealed they have already been cleaned (no tar) The are to be fitted on is a new concreate floor. Can you kindly provide me with a quotation. Thank you.

We need 3 rooms and passage sanded and varnished.

Parquet flooring needs to be sanded and re-varnished. Approx 45sq/m.
Need price or quote?

How much would you quote me to sand a wooden floor for a room with approximate size of 3m x 4m?

we have a coffee shop and the main resturant area needs to be resanded and sealed

Please give a quote for sanding and sealing wooden floors approximately 80m². Thanks


My floors are in pretty good condition but they need to be resanded and sealed. They are original meranti boards. My attention to detail and quality expectation is high. Many Thanks

i need to restore my flats parque (spelling) wooden floors (it has carpets at the moment) and would like a quote

Wooden floors refurbishment for three bedrooms and one lounge area:
I have purchased a home and there is carpets with wooden flooring underneath. I would like to pick up the carpets but am not sure what the condition of the floor is beneath. Hence I need to know how the company will be able to quote for wooden floors refurbishment. Would the carpets need to be picked up first before you can give me an exact quote?
Also, does the company pick up carpets as part of the service if necessary?


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