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Fish pond construction sales leads.

I would like to know the cost of installing a 3mx3m fish pond . And do yourll use non electrical pump n filter eg ram pump?

Just like to have prices on small ponds please.

I recently moved into a new house and need a koi pond built. I built the one at my old house myself- and have tenant moving in soon. I need to relocate my Koi's to the new house- but do not have the time to build the pond. Please can you quote me on building my new pond?
Thank you.

I have 3 brand new fish ponds. I would like advice and quotation as I need to buy some fish.

I would like to get more info on your koi pond istallation

Would like a koi pad at my new home

Would like a quote on a 133sqm koi pond


Im needing some pond liner. Please could you let me know what width's your product comes in as well as the thickness?



Koi fish pond leaking

We want to fibreglass our existing fish pond. Can you orovide us with a quote

I seem to have a serious leak in my Koi Pond and more likely than not the fish will have to removed to find the leak.

Good day
I need a quote on a 30 x 30m pond liner

We want to build a fish pond at our showroom. Please can someone contact me

I am look for the rubber or plastic linning that you use to put on the bottom of the pond.

I need a price please

I want to build a fishpond 2 x 3 meter and 1 meter deep. I need a quote and advice please

Im looking for Kio pond liners to suit my pond. Or fish pond lining services.

I want a quote for a 2.5mx2mx1.2m deep about 5500 litres.
Concrete with all acc. What am i looking at plus minus?

I'm looking to install a fish pond with a waterfall. I'm looking for a pond approximately 2m x 2m x 1m deep. Please could you contact me to give me an idea of the cost involved. Thanks

I will please need someone to visit and then prepare a Quotation for the construction of a concrete Koi dam as well as final Fibreglassing- etc

Need a Koi Pond built in a specific area. Need quote.

need concrete fish pond that doesn't use electricity and look more natural than man made.

it should not be that big and also manageable - I have a sample of something close to what am looking for.


I want price on a 20m x5m koi pond liner please

Good day i would like to know what it would cost to rebuild my koi pond and make it n bid bigger

Looking for a pond and water feature combination . Possibly with a glass and stone finish

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