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First aid training sales leads.

I want to do first aid courses, in order to work as an ambulance driver.

Need basic first aid training for two farm workers asap
Thank you


We are needing our technicians to go on a level 1 first aid course. They are all over the country so need for each place listed above - or closest place.

Hi there I want to do a first aid course. Could you let me know of somewhere in my area where they offer courses. must be a first aid course - I work with children and the elderly aswell. thanks alot

hi there
i am opening up a martial arts gym and would like to do a level 1 course.
trauma specifically.


Good Day.

Please could you send me a formal quote on 1st degree first aid training courses for 2 people as well as a first aid kit suitable for a chemical factory.

Kind Regards,

I am a group exervise instructor and need to do a first aid course to continue giveing classes.

Would like a first aid course for my husband and I especially for children.

Good Morning

Can we please get a quote for two candidates who want to attend the first aid course. Please also attach other information e.g venue of course, and the next available course dates.

Kindest Regards

Good Morning,

Our company, would like to request a quotation for the first aid training, for 17 people as soon as possible.

Your assistance would be highly appreciated.

First Aid Level 1 10 people

First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3 10 people

Our company needs to train first aiders.

I am interested in doing a first aid training course. I am only available over weekends so it would be ideal if i could find something that's offered on Saturdays

I am looking for a first aid course for one of my employees. We work as chefs in a pastry kitchen and would like one person to have training. She has previous first aid training, but wants to sharpen up, as it was a very long time ago.

I am looking at doing a refresher first aid course as well as the compliance First Aid Level 1 for my employees.


I'm looking at first aid training for myself and my domestic worker as i have a 18 month old toddler and a new born on the way, please could you get back to me on the price and where you offer your services.

Quotation on level 3 first aid training to a class of fire fighters on site.

I need to send 2 of my staff on a first aid course.

Good day

Please give me your best price on 10 people per class for First aid level 1 and 2 and Basic fire fighting.

training will be at our training facility

I await your urgent response

We need to send staff on first aid training - we have a compliment of 20 staff sight at any one given time.

Training First Aid Level 2 for 5 - 10 people

I require training in level 1.2.and 3 in first aid

First Aid Course for 3 people

I would like to complete my firs aid level one course

I am looking for the first aid course, fire training institution and the cost thereof per person,the duration.

We want First Aid Level 3 training with oxygen.

Do you offer First Aid level 1 training for five people?

Good day

Please would you be kind to email me a Quotation for 1 person doing the First Aid Course.

Kind regards

I am looking for a First Aid course (levels one and two) for 4 staff members. This to preferably be done at our premises, but not essential.


We have a creche at work with 3 small babie 15months, 12 months and a newborn we would like to do a first aid course

We are required to have a staff member with first aid training so we need to send someone on a coarse

Have a creche and would like to do first aid course focusing more on children. 16 people.

I would like to know how to make a booking for the earliest available first aid level 1 course.

Hi. I am looking for prices for CPR family/friends course (certified) and First Aid Level 1 for groups of about 4-6 people at a time. All I need is the trainer. I am looking for a person who is passionate and enthusiastic. I have meet a few who are not. I am also looking for someone who is going to explaining things in details and simply, as some of my clients will have English as a second language. Thank you!

Would like to do first aid level 1, need it to write a entry examination for training as a paramedic.

Interested in doing first aid training - beginners/Level 1. Please provide, cost,venue,date.

We are needing to work through a first aid course specialist for a new au pair agency that we are starting and are needing to work out a way of ensuring our employees get their first aid as it is required.

Hi Just completed Nebosch OH&S, now need first aid instructors course.

Kind regards


How much is the First Aid level 1 course?
Where is the course?
And please give me dates that I can do this course?


I am looking to have my cricket coaches trainied some basic first aid especially cricket injeries related.

We are a gym facility specially designed for women. We basically only need Level 1 first aid.

Please send information regarding a first aid level 1 course. i.e. dates and amounts, contents etc.

Myself and my daughter want to do a CPR course

I need to do CPR course a.s.a.p

I'm looking for a first aid course for a nanny. Thank you

We would like a quote on first aid training required by Goverment Safety Act. We would like the training to be given at our office but only for one or two personnel.

I am a biokineticist + sports coach and i am looking doing a first aidd course. I have my CPR but i would also like to do first aid.


We are a new startup and require first aid training for at least 2 of our staff members.

I would like to do a level 2 refresher course as mine has expired or redo a level 2 first aid.

I would like to do a full and proper first aid course as I will be opening up a Daycare Centre

I'm running an AuPair agency I need to make sure all the girls have first aid training (For Children Mainly) Please Advise me on the Prices and discounts for groups. My email is better as I work and am unable to take calls

Hi there, Myself adn a friend would like to do the First Aid for children, Do you possibly do these courses on weekends? As we cannot get off work during the week.

Have you also please got a price for this course?

Thank you


Good day,

I am seeking a well recognised institution who can become a vendor at my company and provide first aid training at their own premises (not at mine).

We serve the mining industry and we often have urgent appointments for first aid training Level 1.

We also have 60+ office based employees who needs Level 1&2 combined first aid trainig, and level 3 (of which the training takes at least 5 days for proper training) for some of these 60+ employees.

Please send me an email with the services you offer.

Your speedy reply may secure your sale.


Need a level 3 renewal, instructors course. please give me quotes

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