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Dust extraction sales leads.

Sandblasting facility, 1100m3 need to extract the dust from room

I need assistance in dust extraction equipment as well as to control the dust in a soils/concrete testing laboratory where people are exposed more dirty dust than clean air

We need to contain the dust of the fertilizer raw materials from certain areas, like product hoppers, mixers, bagging spouts. Need a price either on a portable or fixed unit. Thanks you.

Hi,I need to install a dust extractionsystem in the newly built lab on our site

We are looking for a dust extraction plant / system, for extracting fine dust in our quarry crushing and screening operation.

We crush rock into different sizes, for road surfacing, but need to reduce the fine dust ( <0.075) in our crusher dust for a specific client's application.

We are a furniture and casket manufacture and would like to install a dust extractor in our factory in [redacted].

I have a small laboratory (room dimensions: 10x16m, 5.2m high), where I do crushing and grinding tests for different mineral ores. Thus there tends to be a lot of dust generated.

I need quotation for a complete dust extraction system and installation.

Your urgent response will be high appreciated.

i am looking for people to service maintain and install new dust extractors

Generating alot of saw dust and our current system can not keep up.

We need a dust extraction unit but do not know that exact specs. It is possible you can assist in coming to site and give specs and a quote please

i need a quotation on a Dust extraction system

Need a price on a cyclone, hopper size 30-40 cubic metres

Indoor sadblasting booth, dust extraction. Spray painting fumes extraction. Approx 21mx9m floor surface.

The [redacted] municipality looking for standard dust collectors on our 200 ton lime silo and our daily hopper of 800 kg.

Looking to extract fine shot blast grit from open skip bins into bulk bags

we need something to put on the outside of wall where extraction fan is to contain and eliminate dust coming out.
Sandblast booth as well as spray booth.



Loading of Talc in mixing vessel causes alot of dust. I would to add a system to extract this talc dust so that it doesnt cause a health risk to the rest of the plant.

Require extraction and filtration units for use in a spray painting booth and a sand blasting booth to be made out of two 6m shipping containers.

hi i need dust extrator bags please for coral dust extrator anti bacterial

We are looking for a dust extractor to extract dust from mulch.

We need a dust collector that will suck scale (iron oxide) particles, it must be programmable (not operator dependent). Please get back to me so we could discuss the quotation.

Please be so kind to quote us on a dust extraction unit for installation in the powder blender area of a dairy operation in [redacted].

Design parameters:

Overhead canopy size approximately 2000 mm x 1000 mm, with the 2000 mm side mounted with cantilever brackets ±300 mm away from an internal wall.

The canopy, fixings and ducting to be in grade 304 stainless steel.

We are of the opinion that an air flow rate of approximately 6500 m³/h will be adequate for this application.

Two sets of washable stainless steel woven mesh filters to be provided as dust filters.
Filters to be accessible from inside the building, since this installation will be on the first floor.

I am looking for a price on a uniblast : UMA-102 Dust collector unit or simular

I am looking to install a dust extraction and collection system in our sand blasting shed. We do small amounts of blasting in a 8x8m shed

Mobile dust extraction unit for crusher & pulverizing facility. "Extract dust from the source that generate it. More than one source in the facility"

We need a dust extraction unit where the customer blow out electric wheel motors for mining trucks.

Good day

I would like to get a budget quotation for a dust extraction facility for a coal sampling plant.

Need extraction for two 5 head moulders. 8 x 100mm outlets.only shavings to be collected

We need to extract flour dust from a dough mixing room into a collector. the room size is 6m x 14m x 2.8 high
We mix +- 1.3tons dough per day

Hi I am looking for a quote on 4 dust extraction arms.

need advice/price on a dust extraction system for a 30m3 sandblasting booth

We are looking for dust extractor for a plant that we will be installing.

Canopy over batching bin with extraction fan and dust bin, mainly lucerne dust.a small unit with 2.2kw. motor.

I need a quote for design and installation of a cyclone dust extraction system for a sandblasting facility. vessels size up to 6m long and 2-3m dia. shots collect in bags to be re-used.


Please quote for the following for a new FRP factory, including delivery, installation, testing and commissioning.

1 off Central Vacuum / Dust Extractor Pumping Station E100 for 1400 m2 Workshop through the following items:
- 20 vacuum Connection Points and Sucker Domes
- 3 Separation and collection of Extracted FRP Dust - outside

Above to captivate, remove and collect [outside] Fibreglass and Resin Dust from the Fettling / Smoothing and Cleaning of as cast ragged edges and surfaces of Fibreglass Panels.

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