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Diet consulting sales leads.

Recently diagnosed diabetic not given suitable diet

i need a balanced diet!! i am a diabetic and have aneamia so i need a iron rich healthy diet

I would like to know what to eat to controle my type2 diabetis as I am picking up weight and cant seem to lose it.

I have type 2 diabetes and I would like to get a proper eating plan in place to control it and to lose wait


I am a 7 years old Type 1 Diabetic using Insullin 3 times a day. My sugar levels rises between 7-29. I need a better diet? Please help

My mother just received her results back from the doctor that her sugar is 12.9 and her age 60.
I am trying to assist her with a diabetic diet plan and I am struggling as I have no idea what a diabetic is allow and not allowed.
Pls assist?

My father-in-law is 70 and a diabetic. He lives on a farm and my mother-in-law has parkensons. She is thus not able to plan a healthy low-carbonhydrate menu for them and his blood sugar goes up to 13 - PLEASE HELP?

My sugar level was 29.8 and I have been trying to bring it down but I seem to get stuck at 17.

my husband has been diagnosed with early stage diabetes he has had three severe strokes so has difficulty with swallowing food his mother died yesterday possibly this has been brought on by stress

I want a easy going diet (eating plan) to lose up to 25kg please! And my blood type is O negative! Thank you

Just diagnosed as diabetic. Need to prepare a week long menu.

I have severe gout attacks which lasts up to 2 weeks. I very seldom dont have gout. The doctor has said that I must not eat chicken, mince and sausage etc. Have you a diet I can follow, I am also a diabetic insulin dependant.

I have type 2 diabetes I am on medication but my weight is increasing with the medication so I need whats food I can eat,cannot eat and a good diet plan. I am of Afro Carribean decent so my staple diet consist of yam,rice,flour,red and white meat and fish

I am diabetic and on Isulin I take 14 Measures in the morning and 10 at night i need to loose weight and would appreciate a diet plan or types of food to eat, thanking you Veronica

My gran has diabetes type 2 and i would like to get a diet plan for her, can you help. and find out what food she must eat ect..

Was declared diabetic about 5 months ago and am looking for a suitable diet to help control my sugar levels. Am on medication do not take insulin!

I use the slow releasing insulin in the evenings but am still struggling to loose weight. Am constantly tired and don't have energy to exercise. And I have a hectic day so making time to eat is difficult.

Diabetes type 2 and high cholesterol.I need to loose weight.

Please send me a proper diet to be able to do this.

Many thanks

New diagnosis.I am 85.Been told dont need medications.Diet advice needed.Only like good old fashioned cooking

my daughter is turning 30 and diabetic since 2years old she is now pregnant and i am looking for a worked out eatling plan for a week

Looking for an eight day diet for a diabetic person,breakfast.lunch and supper.

I am 73 - suffering depression and diabetes II - also mobility problems - blood sugars running too high - quick simple diet to lower sugars please

I urgently need to follow a healthy eating diabetes diet plan; also to control my cholestrol.

diet for diabetics without medication

I have just found out that I have Diabetes mellitus and i am looking for a affordable eating plan. My sugar level last test was at 15

I shake and sweat very badly if I don't eat every 2 1/2 - 3 hours. I cannot eat anything with sugar as I have the same reaction as above.

I am constantly tired, have no energy and always hungry. I an unable to lose any weight as I need to eat constantly so that I dont start with the shakes, sweats and dizzyness.

I have just recently been diagnosed with Diabetes...have had high Blood Pressure for a number of years. I am overweight but losing it at present. I NEED help with correct diet and meal planning.

I'm a tipe 1 deibetic I have to inject myself once a day, I was given a food list of do's and dont's but I'm actualy looking for a mealplan as a guid as to when en what I sould eat.

Had my blood sugar level tested today and result was 14. would like to know what to eat and drink to improve level as I am a O positive blood group

I'm diagonised diabete on the 3rd March for the first time ever. I need the advice on diet.

I need a proper eating plan as I am not looking after myself and eat whatever I want to and when I want to. Although my sugar is under control, I do feel that I need an eating plan and hope that you can help me.

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