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Below is a small sample of the crane hire sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These crane hire sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

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Crane hire sales leads.

We need a quote to hire a 8 Ton truck with a crane.

I am looking to hire an 18ton - 20ton crane. Please quote.

We want to hire a small crane for 1 day only. Crane must lift to a height of 10 metres and must lift loads of 200kg.

We need a crane to lift 4 x 3TON bins into a building & also to lift 2 x 5TON bins into an out loading area. The site is in [redacted].

We need a quotation for the following:

Hire of a 50T cane to offload truck in [redacted].

Very urgent

We need a mobile crane on site for 2 weeks @ [redacted] power station. Driver included. Urgent quote please.

Good day.

I would like to get a quote for the hire of a crane. The crane must place a container on a roof top. The building is 30m high and the container weighs about 1.3t.

Need to lift 600kg - 25to30m
Exspected crane 35ton
distance to wall(7m) - ?
distance from wall to lift point 18m

We are tendering on an office block in [redacted] and will need to rig 2 x chillers to the 8th floor. Each weighs 7900kg. Will be one day operation, probably over weekend.

Looking to hire a 50 ton crane for 7 days.

Need a crane truck for 6 months.

I would like to have a quote (hourly rate) of a mobile crane that could lift a load of five tonne from ground to a height of about 35 metres

Require a mobile crane truck to lift two large pot plants from a pavement adjoining a street. Weight of pot plants should not be more than 500kg each. The pots are approx 1m in height and the plants 1m + a total height of 2m. Complete job should not take more than 2hrs.

Im looking for a Truck with a 5 ton crane. The truck must be able to carry 26tons.

We need to transport a large format printer from [redacted] to [redacted]. It is 4.1m wide and weighs 830kg. Will need the equipment only for one day.


Please quote on the following:
1) 30 ton mobile crane for 2 days at [redacted].
2) 55 ton mobile crane for 2 days at [redacted].

I need quotes on moving a pilot facility from [redacted] to [redacted]. The main problem item is a 6 m high 1.6m diameter 5-6 ton autoclave currently standing in a warehouse structure with limited head space. Other equipment of the 3-4 ton range would also have to be transported.

I expect we would need a 8 ton crane and a forklift as well as a flat bed truck.

Can you provide me with a quote. Please include drivers/operators and insurance.

We are looking for a 20-30 ton crane to hire for 6 months for our [redacted] factory. Please contact me as soon as you can.

We need a flatbed with crane to move machines from [redacted] to [redacted].

Need a crane truck that can lift between 15 and 20t next to a truck. Looking to hire for 3 months.

Good Morning,

Please send me an estimate quote for Crane hire, for 8 Storeys in [redacted], for 1 week.

Thank you.

Need truck with 2 ton crane with 10 metre reach for erecting steel structure.

I need to move my parkhome from one spot to another in the same area 500mtres away.

We need to hire an 8 ton crane in [redacted] for a mine. Please supply daily rate & site establishment.

I need a crane to lift a 500kg load a church steeple 15 m as well as lift 2 18m beams (7-800 kg) a height of 2 m

I would like to enquire about pricing for cranes that can reach 30 meters.

I need to install some signage about 10m high on a building. The sign is made up of individual letters that need to be fixed to the bricks.I need a solution to get to that height to install. The lenth of the final sign is 7000 long x 800 wide. i need to do this on two different parts of the building (basically doing 2x signs)I need a price on daily rental asap. My cleint is very keen to go ahead.Please can someone conact me asap. Thanks

Price required on a crane to lift appr 2 - 4 people to 200 m up.

I need two 50t cranes with operators and riggers for 14days on a project in [redacted] area. Please provide a quote.


We would like to hire a cherry picker OR crane to lift a steel cabinet to ± 5 meter to a platform. The cabinet about 400kg. Access for trucks restricted. Thank you

I need a budget price for a 25 ton overhead crane.
20m span, 50m long travel & 12m lift.

Steel Structure erection helping to put in place. We will need the crane for 2 days.
Please help me with a quote for a wet rate (including fuel, operator, traveling time & distance and to work 2 (two) full working days)
Please give me a quote and a indication of availability send to e-mail above and leave a contact number.

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