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Conservatory sales leads.

I have a 4m wide patio which I wish to enclose for more leaving space. I was looking at glass enclosures for security and weather proof.

Pricing on conservatory

I would like to build a 3m x 4m sunroom. How would I go about doing this.

I would like our patio to be enclosed. We have a bbq area with tiles & would like to make use of it in the winter.

Please provide affordable quotes to the email address provided.

Your assistance is appreciated.

Kind regards.


I live in a log home and would like to cover the stoop (20m * 4m ) with alluminium curved eave sun room

I would like to close up my patio.I would like a quotation.

We would like to add on a sun room to the side of the house with access from the dinningroom if possible,about 4x4 with tile roof and windows

i am in the market to enclose my house to the outside room.
2m roof and 9m wall glass and aluminium with a sliding door and window. please supply quote for supply and installation.
many thanks

need an enclosed patio to add onto my home, with glass and sliding doors. there is no ceiling it is outdoors, i have a wall and concrete bricks already..size will be approx> from floor to ceiling 2.90m height, approx 3m wide and 6m length. please send me a quote

looking to install a sunroom at my house. not too big. would like more advice, design etc.

I have a very small addition of 4.7m by 0.9m as well as a 2.4m x 1 m window section I would like to make to the house in terms of a high-quality , power coated aluminum conservatory. Foldable or sliding doors, in wood-coating finish. I also need at least 2 opening windows for cross-ventilation. Roof can be 45 degree.

I would like to enclose my balcony and need someone out to give me a quote.

I need to build a conservatory alongside my house

I need a quote on a solarium to be built on my balcony. Please advise who can come do that for me in my area asap
thank you!

We want to build a glass and aluminium balcony conservatory on 1st floor - dimensions 2885 x 3480. One solid wall and 2 x glass walls with sliding door and windows. Playroom for young children. Lean to from existing roof needed & particularly interested in various roof options. Thanks!

Want to enclose a stoep into a sunroom

plse provide quotation for enclosed patio with windiws and sliding door ..5m x5m

We require enclosing of an outside area.

need 3-sided glass + aluminium conservatory enclosure for swimming pool 9.6m x 5.4m with single sloping roof (slopes down from 4th side which is wall of house)

I am looking to do a sunroom addition to my building.Please supply info of what you can supply.

I have two areas that need to be glass enclosed. The one I need room for an office, the other I need the option to open and close if it is a nice day. I am not in a position to spend a lot of money though but need something to happen quickly

We are looking for quote to enclose our balcony.

I need a terrace enclosure and a deck enclosure too.

Have an area that we would like to close like a sunroom/conservatory.

I'd like a solarium/sunroom, not very big, bu big enough to house a small heated splashpool. Pool maybe 2.5m X 2.5 m

thank you

Looking for prices on 2 sunrooms. 5.5mx5.5m and 3.5mx3.5m. Must have windows that can open, sliding doors and burglarproofing. Flooring already exists.

Looking to build a 25-35m2 conservatory.

inquiry about a structure sized 7m by 10m suitable for hot conditions

may i get information on enclosing the patio.

I would like to enclose our patio - aluminium ?

I am looking for a add on Sunroom

I want to add an Al-glass sun room,3100x1100mm to a bedroom at my house. An existing glass sliding door is to be re-used and a 1000mm glass door to be fitted at the narrow end.

I have a connection walkway between two buildings that i would like to connect via a conservatory type roof.

I am wanting to enlarge my patio and put a conservatory glass roof over it

I am looking to do an extension on my existing house. Interested in the option of a conservatory.

We have a deck that we want to enclose with glass the size is 4.4m by 6.3m .It is a concrete deck and has a stainless steel railing around. It is upstairs and attached to the house.

I'd like to enclose my patio area which has a braai place built in. My house is a tuscan style house so would want something suitable and dominated by glass.

Enclosure of a Patio with Glass and Aluminium. Approximately 2 by 4 metres in size (3 sides requiring enclosure)

I want to enclose my stoep to create a lounge area.

We have got two smallish rooms that we want to extend by means of adding a sunroom. I saw a prefabricated alliminium and glass / fiberglass room in the form of dome that can just be added to the the existing room where the window is situated.

I am looking to add a sunroom onto the length of my home, to incorporate 3 bedrooms.

I am building two new rooms as an extention to my property and in both new areas I would like glass roofs (conservatory roofs).

I want to enlose my exiting patio and turn it into a sunroom

We would like to extend our TV room with an Aluminium and glass sunroom. The windows must be open able. The plan dimensions will be +- 3.8m x 2.6m. The front part will have a hexagon shape.

To whom it may concern,

Would you please assist us with quotations for two areas in our home. Also please advise as to whether or not you would be able to assist with plans and extensions (ie conservatory type) to the house.

I want to enclose a laundry area which is outside my back door

Have a stoop that I want to enclose

I'm looking for a add on sun lounge.

Hi I have a back porch that I would like to convert in a conservatory but I need a price first/quote. I would appreciate it if someone could call/e-mail me.

We need to get a quote to build a balcony onto a building for a bar/restaurant

please can somebody contact me - I need an enclosure for two areas in my house and am looking for reputable contractors


I live in a duplex, and will be nocking a wall out to extend my lounge. I hence need to cover the 2m x 5m space with an awning/roof structure. Please could I have some suggestions and quotes of what you could suggest.

I will also be needing Folding glass/aluminium doors to enclose the structure and enable me to open the whole space up. I'm adding on 2m x 5m, the one side will have a brick wall, so the glass doors will have to follow an "L" shape of 2m (side) by 5m (Length). The height of the doors will be about 2.4m.

Many Thanks

Sunroom supply and install

Would like to get quote and ideas to enclose a small area that will join flatlet to main house.

I am wanting to add a conservatory/garden room onto my house.

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