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BMW service sales leads.

Hi, car on a lift service light indicater is showing and I also have a clear oily liquid dripping from the front, somewhere by the radiater. Please could you direct me for service and repair. Many thanks

Service 107000 km thanks.

Last service at 50k. Now at 70k. Car telling us it needs to be serviced.

Its my first car so I wanna make a full major service but the guy who sell it to me he told me he did service every year but I have problem with telltale lights just like today I did fill up water But now afternoon it told me that my coolant its low how and why.

My car is nearing its time for an oil change service, so I would really like to get the best offer from the best service dealer.

I want to service my BMW and I would like to know how much will it cost for the service.

I need full service and help on eml warning light km 260000

Oil service ,brakes service

I would like to service the following on my BMW: Oil change, and fuel filters...I would also like them to replace the right front parklight globe (Angel tear globes). To be done ASAP in [area redacted]. (PS: The computer must be reset after service is done)

How much will a general service cost me more or less? Just the engine service.. My car also cuts out when it gets hot , but it has enough coolent and it also lacks power, any ideas as to what the reason about that?

I need an oil service, and coolant is dripping.

My will be out of warranty soon so I wanna find a reliable and reasonable service centre. Currently it is on 67000km

I am going on holiday and I would like to know how much a holiday check will cost. your early response will be greatly appreciated.

Clutch replacement please.

When I start the vehicle the engine runs,but when celarate there is no power and if I wait for few seconds then there is power.

Quote for major service and do you offer a service plan?

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