How much is one container sales lead worth?

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Below is a small sample of the container sales leads our system has generated. Names, phone numbers and other identifying information have been removed to preserve privacy.

These container sales enquiries, and many more like them, are the result of a Google AdWords campaign we ran.

We have a unique way of using AdWords which makes it a good fit for the container field.

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Container sales leads.

Hi i am looking to start a fast food business so I need a container. Please give me different sizes that you offer and pricing for both rental and sales, I don't need anything big in size.

6m or 12m steel container accommodation, storage, office price list buy and rental.

Looking for 6 or 12 meter container for storage

Used Containers for sale prices
Cheap Containers for sale
Second Hand Containers for sale
Second Hand Containers for sale in [redacted]
Containers for sale prices

Hi, we need to purchase 300 x 20ft empty containers, second hand is ok, as long as the containers are air and water sealed. Urgently await your reply.

Hi. I am looking for a deal on a 2nd hand 40 ft steel shipping container. It can have minor dents or scratches. It is urgent.

Good day. Kindly advise your price.
Require to buy 3 x 40ft containers (Second Hand). How much will this cost?
To be delivered to [redacted].

Looking for a 2nd hand 20ft container.

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