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Client testimonials

We had our first Diploma enrolment from one of your leads. This enrolment pays three times our total expected expenditure for the test campaign - Google’s cost included. So, success! (At least rookie success - I know that the work only starts now, but this gives me a lot of hope).
- Dr. Jasper Coetzee
On a few occasions I've had 4 enquiries per day. That surpasses my expectation. I've earned my first commission! I've also submitted a tender for a nice job. Thank you.
- Lofty Fourie, Elcoserve Projects
We are getting good leads from the new helipad lighting site. I've already had an order for a Rhino anti poaching helipad. Something that I support strongly.
- Edwin Wakefield
As a new company we needed to get qualified leads to enter the market. MarketingMotor solved this by generating leads without us having to employ any sales staff. That kept our expenses low without jeopardising our sales.
We were a bit hesitant that it would not work. At the end of the day, we had nothing to be concerned about. It is working perfectly and the leads keep coming in.
Getting started was painless, it took one meeting in order for MarketingMotor to understand our business and what we are selling. Next thing, leads started trickling in and we were in business.
We knew we'd made the right choice when the leads started turning into quotes and the quotes started turning into sales! Our results have been really good. We are now on the map and in a short space of time all our competitors know who we are.
- John Finlayson, Astraview
We’ve already found 4 great new clients and a bunch of smaller ones. The 4 bigger clients are on their way to becoming long-term customers.
- Tommy Hardiman, Active Displays
I have set up 4 sites using the system. Even the earlier versions made life a lot easier technically, and I am really looking forward to the even more automated version coming out soon.
I am amazed at the sheer power of the sites. In a couple of very competitive niches, we are getting more hits and enquiries than we can easily deal with (a far better option than the alternative!). The ROI is about 1000%.
- Dave Liddell
Just could not wait to share this with you. I launched a website during last week targeting the divorce industry. I put up a Google campaign, and today I got my first sale.
- Kathie Aldum
One of my MarketingMotor leads brought me 7 new students.
- Rebecah Blatchford, dance teacher
I was reluctant to dive into the world of Google, websites and HTML but your tools made it simple for this Jurassic IT novice to get his head around.
I have set up 5 websites using the tools over the past month and after some experimenting they are now all now displaying ads on the first page of Google. In fact, most of the popular keywords/ads are in the top three positions.
The leads are clocking in regularly now and I have started closing sales off these leads. The best results so far are from my medals site which has had 245 impressions, 9 click and 3 enquiries with a total quoted vale of just less than R100 000. The first small order was received for delivery tomorrow.
- Mike Jackson
Spent Friday setting up and the weekend tweaking a new Ad campaign and reinstating my old site using your tools. It was as easy as pie. Already had 3 leads!
- Dimitri Haralambous
I really want to say WELL DONE for this incredible Marketing Motor tool. I am totally blown away by how easy it is to use compared to the previous system and it only takes a fraction of the time.
The system creates a vast amount of ads that Google gives high quality ranking on. The system does most of the work for you in creating your new campaign. You would have to be a pro to come anywhere close to what this system can do. I cannot say enough good things about what we have in our hands with Marketing Motor.
I updated one of my campaigns to Marketing Motor a few days ago. I published it by about 6pm. That same evening I received three leads. Two of the three leads have massive potential. Even after only a couple of days, the new campaign is outperforming the old campaign.
- Luc Ribouet
When we spoke at 10.30pm last night and you mentioned that I could take a completely brand new idea and put it on the front page of Google by tomorrow night I burst out laughing. In fact, we'd only just thought of the idea.
Well, just to let you know it is now 3.30pm - that's 15 hours later; hours in which I've had a great sleep, a lovely lunch and basically spent half an hour messing around on this tool of yours.
Just wanted to tell you that 5 minuntes after finishing my project I'm on the front page of Google! In 20 minutes not only was the website and ad campaign up, but all the quality scores for my words are 10 and the cost per visitor to my site is between 7 cents to 16 cents - which means that the cost per enquiry/prospect will be around 70 South African cents! (Presuming I only make 1 sale for 10 enquiries.) That's cheaper than 1 introductory phone call to just one prospect!
AND every single word we agreed was relevant to this market is no 1 in Google. In the prime number 1 spot in the pink block on top! Every single one! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes! This is absolutely awesomely incredible!
- Lerynne Verster
Wolfgang Kirsch writes alarm monitoring software for security companies that provide monitoring and response services. He uses MarketingMotor to find clients in the United Kingdom, Africa and the United States.
It's a very specialised field and he's happy with the 12 or so leads he generates using MarketingMotor every month. Each contract is worth a lot over the lifetime.
He explained why: "A trade show costs you about 80 thousand a throw. My combined MarketingMotor and Google costs are just a couple of thousand a month. We get about 12 good leads every month compared with a 3-day trade show that only brings about 4 or so immediately good leads once you sifted through tons of business cards."
He has a regular business website and gave some interesting stats when compared with his specialist MarketingMotor lead generation website. "MarketingMotor websites are designed with one thing only in mind - generating leads. For every one good lead that my regular business website generates my MarketingMotor website generates 20."
- Wolfgang Kirsch
Marius Smit is a seasoned marketer.
Q. What problems were you hoping MarketingMotor would solve when you signed up?
A. Increased sales due to increased leads. Eliminate cold-calling.
Q. What was getting started with Marketing Motor like?
A. Much more effective than trying to do Google Ads by DIY.
Q. What was your aha moment -- the moment you knew you loved MarketingMotor?
A. My first QS of 10 ... and CTR > 10%
Q. What have the business results been from your Google Ads campaigns?
A. Almost the only marketing we now do is by Google Ads. We average sales at about 3 to 3.5 times our Google Ads spend.
- Marius Smit
When I signed up I wanted to learn something new and get lots of business leads for next to nothing. In the beginning that is the way it happened. At the time I think the clicks were costing about R0.37.
One Saturday at work I started from scratch at about 13h30, and published the website an hour later. By the time I got home at 15h00 the first enquiry was waiting in my inbox. For a few cents. It was quite spectacular.
- Richard Schulz
Gavin makes specialist envelopes. Not the kind you can buy off the shelf, but, if you want something out of the ordinary he'll be able to help you. Most other manufacturers can only fill bulk orders but Gavin can handle much smaller runs too.
Gavin and his son, Warren, worked through the MarketingMotor setup process together. They've been using it since 2011. He currently gets about 10 enquiries a week, of which about 5 turn into sales. He finds the process self-sustaining since he started and has had to do very little else to the process other than pay Google for the clicks he gets.
- Gavin Stanton
Just wanted to say the new sites are flying, the Fluke site from last week has had 82 clicks and 10 leads. The tools site I put it up yesterday and in minutes had an enquiry, to date had 18 clicks and 4 leads! Now just to convert them!
- John Christensen
Franz Czepek is a specialist in the motor trade.
Q. What problems were you hoping MarketingMotor would solve when you signed up?
A. More sales
Q. What was getting started with Marketing Motor like?
A. It brought new sales into the business. It was easy to get started.
Q. What have the business results been from your Google Ads campaigns?
A. More enquiries and more sales.
- Franz Czepek
We built our Professional Service business on Google Ads the hard way. Now using Marketing Motor we have increased sales and reduced costs. Google Ads is the only marketing, advertising we do and we have created million of pounds worth of profitable business using this marketing method. We would recommend every company to use Marketing Motor, it makes Google Ads much easier to setup and manage.
With regards and much thank's for your invaluable marketing tool.
- Bernard Collins
Your Google Ads campaign has definitely assisted my cash flow this past few months.
- Barry Edkins, Ascot Gardens Self Catering Acccommodation.
Just got my first lead and the student is coming on Monday for an introduction meeting!
Thank you so much for all your time and input. I am super excited to see MarketingMotor working so well!
- Louise Van Der Walt, B.Mus.
My business has turned around in 2 months and I have gone from zero enquiries and zero income to 20-30 enquiries and +R20k income.
- Juliet Gillies,